Dust Mop Slippers-Adult-Crochet Pattern

Why should the kids have all the fun!  Fluffy slippers to keep those toes toasty!  You can wear the cuff up or down, too.  Pattern is available in 3 sizes.


Available in PDF format.  $3.00    

Skill Level: Intermediate

Stitches Used: ch, sl st, sc (single crochet), lp (loop stitch-loosely wrap yarn twice around finger, insert hook in next st, pull all loops through, yo, pull through loop).

Gauge: with 2 strands-5 sc = 2”, 5 sc rows = 2         with single strand-6 sc = 2”, 6 sc rows = 2”

Supplies: Yarn Needle



Yarn-Bernat Super   Value-Yellow #7445

 Small-Sole-8-8 ½”

Ladie’s 4/5


6.5   oz.

Medium-Sole-9-9   ½”

Ladie’s 6/7


7.5   oz.

 Large-Sole 10-10 ½”

Ladie’s 8/9


10   oz.

4 Comments on “Dust Mop Slippers-Adult-Crochet Pattern”

  1. Last month I purchased the adult dust mop slipper pattern and made three pair. Now that I want to make more I am unable to find the pattern in my file. Can you resend the directions to me again or must I repurchase?

  2. all set…..it’s on the way to the outlook address….

  3. So happy you resent me the pattern earlier in the year. They were a big hit but the pattern is gone again. What am I doing wrong!!

  4. LOL……I don’t know. I used to have file problems with my computer…….I’d forget what file that I put them in, so now, I keep all my patterns on a thumb drive. I’ll resend to the outlook address.

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