Rose Table Runner-Free Crochet Pattern

Author of original chart/pattern unknown.

Rose Table Runner

PDf available at: download now

Skill Level-Easy

Supplies-Size 6 Steel Crochet Hook, Size 10 Cotton Crochet Thread (amount will be determined by size).

Stiches Used: ch (chain), slst (slip stitch), sc (single crochet), dc (double crochet), tr (treble crochet), dc2tog (double crochet 2 together).

space-dc, ch1, skip next st, block-dc in next st, dc2tog in next sp.

41 squares across

Row 1: ch84, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across.     83sc

 Rows 2-12.

Repeat Rows 13-40 to desired length, less 10”.

 Rows 13-40

 Rows 41-52 (add 3 rows of spaces at end of graph to make both ends even).

  Rows 41-52

Row 53: ch1, sc in first dc, sc in each dc across.


Rnd. 1: ch1, turn, 2sc in first sc, sc in each sc across, working 3sc in last sc (corner), working down side, work 2sc in each dc row, working across end, 3sc in next sc (corner), sc in each sc across working 3sc in last sc, working down side, 2sc in each dc row, working in end, sc in next sc (corner), join with slst to beginning sc.

Rnd. 2: ch1, (sc, ch3, 2tr) in same st, skip next 3 sc, *(sc, ch3, 2tr) in next sc, skip next 3 sc*, repeat around, join with slst to beginning sc, fasten off, weave in end.

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