Living Room Furniture 14″-16″ Doll-Crochet Pattern


Skill Level: Intermediate-some sewing skills required.

Supplies: Boye G hook, 7 ounces Red Heart Super Saver Pink Camo (#972), 8 ounces Red Heart Super Saver Café (#360), fiberfill, yarn needle.

Stitches Usesd: ch, sc, dc, bpdc, fpdc, sl st.  *Note-turning ch 3 counts as 1st dc in following rnd..

Gauge: 7 dc = 2 inches, 4 dc rows = 2 inches

PDF down load available, $3.00         

6 Comments on “Living Room Furniture 14″-16″ Doll-Crochet Pattern”

  1. Jeri Foley Says:

    I am making the chair and I don’t understand row 24.

    Rnd. 24: (Bottom and Arms) ch 36, attach yarn in back loop of last sc worked, ch 1, sc in
    same st, working in back loops, sc in next 23 sc, ch 37.

    Are you talking about attaching yarn at row 14? And then crochet ACROSS the piece. On the right or wrong side? I also can’t really see how you can sc in back loops – it appears the only loops that you can crochet in are the front loops because you already used the back looks. I just don’t see from your pictures how this works.

    Please advise. Thanks, Jeri

  2. Hi Jeri:
    Rnd. 24 is worked in the back loops of rnd. 23. After you finish rnd 23, fasten off that color, turn. With 2nd color, ch 36, then attach yarn in first dc on rnd. 23, work in back loops on rnd. 23, then ch 37. turn. The following rnds. are worked in sc to form the bottom and arms which will be folded and sewn to form the chair. Hope this helps, feel free to contact me anytime.

  3. Nadine Says:

    Hello Jeri
    This looks like a really neat pattern. My little girl has an American girl doll. Will this pattern be too small for her doll? How does this furniture set compare in size to your Barrel Chair and Oval Rug pattern? I have not made that pattern either, but it specifically states that that pattern is for American girl dolls.

    Thanks for your input,

  4. Hi Nadine: I think this was intended for someone else??

  5. Nadine Says:

    Actually, no. I am wondering if this pattern is the right porportion for an American girl doll. In the title for this pattern, it says it’s for a 14 – 16″ doll. I would love to know if you’ve ever put an American girl doll with it to see if it’s OK or it’s a bit small.

    Thanks in advance,

  6. My apologies…..No,it is too small for the AG. The pattern might work if you use 2 strands and perhaps an H or I hook. I had planned to tackle the AG size this summer.

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