Clog Liners for Adults and Kids-Crochet Pattern

Pattern available in adult and children’s sizes.  Add insert to your summer Crocs or replace your worn liners on your winter Crocs!

Don’t you just love your Crocs ™  and similar clogs??  Now you can keep your toes toasty warm in the fall and winter using these inserts in your summer Crocs™ and clogs!!

Now available in a knitted version!! Check out Garilynn for the pattern.—womens-size-8—10

Skill Level: Intermediate

Stitches Used: sl st, ch, sc, dec sc, dc, fpdc (front post dc), bpdc (back post dc).

Pattern is written for Women’s sizes 5-12 and Men’s sizes 3-12.

Available in PDF format-Croc Socks (Adult).        $3.50    

Clog Liners, Jr.-Pattern

Now in kid’s sizes-Toddler, size 2 to Child, size 2.

Available in PDF format-Clog Liners, Jr (Child’s).  $3.50

57 Comments on “Clog Liners for Adults and Kids-Crochet Pattern”

  1. nancy Says:

    Hi, is there a way to keep these attached to the croc?

  2. Hi Nancy:
    They sell special “croc buttons” that come in a variety of styles. They connect thru the holes on the crocs. I’ve seen them on Etsy and they must be available in some regular stores also. I’ve seen them on many Crocs.

  3. Rosemary Says:

    If covering regular crocs, you can take off the strap and use the strap button to attach the ‘sock’ (you’re covering the strap with the sock anyway, so you don’t need it). For Mammoth crocs (the kind that come with a liner) the strap button is already what is used to attach the liner. I’m making replacement liners for our Mammoths. It’s a great way to revitalise them!

  4. Tatum Says:

    HI! I paid for the pattern and the payment went through on Friday… I haven’t received a link to download yet, just double checking.

  5. Hi Tatum:
    I just sent you an email.

  6. Tatum Says:

    Hi Carol – strange – I still haven’t received an email. Hmmm, would you mind emailing to my work email?

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Tatum: I have resent the original email to the new address. let me know if you have any problems receiving it. My apologies for the problems you have experienced.

  8. Tatum Says:

    Thanks Carol! I really appreciate it! It was no inconvenience at all. Thank you so much.

    My mom has been looking for Red Crocs with the fur forever, she can’t find them in her size, this is the perfect fit!

  9. Rita Says:

    Hi Carol,
    I bought the pattern from you before Christmas and immediately started crocheting a pair for my brother, I followed the pattern, but they came out to small for me, much less for my brother. A day later I received an email with changes, so I thought, OK, now I can get it right. They are still too small. Are others having the same problems? Do you think if I should use a larger crochet hook? Personally I don’t think you should sell a pattern until it has been tested.

  10. Sorry that you’re having a problem. You could move to a larger hook or move up to the next size. If the measurement of the sole is correct, the rest of the sock will work out. When you start the sole, you will want to make sure the tension is not too tight, there should be a “stretch” to the sole.

  11. Rita Says:

    I made the largest size available. I have to put it aside for a while and work on something else. Hopefully when I pick it back up again, I will get it right…

  12. I’m not sure what the issue can be. Perhaps a heavier yarn will solve it. I know some 4-ply yarns are lighter than others.

  13. Rita Says:

    Thanks, I’ll try that. I’ll keep you posted and let you know what my problem is or was…

  14. That’s great, thank you so much.

  15. Sandy Says:

    I have just purchased both patterns. They were two separate orders. Adults sizes first got that one okay. Then children next. But the pattern to down load is still the adult one. Please help. Looking forward to making these socks.

    thank you


  16. Sandy:
    My apologies, I have just sent the file via email. Please let me know if you have any problem receiving it.

  17. Sandy Says:


    I have not received the jr pattern for the croc socks yet…Please check this out for me. I have to laugh because if something if going to go wrong it will be with something for me….thanks for you help

  18. Yikes! I am resending….please let me know if you receive it.

  19. PK Says:


    Could this pattern be adjusted or interpreted to make a non-crochet liner? In other words, could I use it as a guide to sew pre-made fabric into a custom liner?

    If so, let me know; I’d be happy to buy it since Crocs pretty much refuses to sell replacement liners for the lined Mammoth clog, and I’d also like to make a set one for my non-lined Crocs.


  20. Hil Says:

    Just made the croc socks and they’re great. Took me a couple of goes to get them right, but then did them very quickly. Thanks for a very well thought out pattern. Clever lady!

  21. Sorry for the delay….I was out of town for Easter. The pattern as written would not be a great pattern to sew with fabric as you would not have the full dimensions needed. The easiest way that I would make a pattern for a fabric liner is to remove the old liners from the Crocs, take them apart at the seams and trace around them on a sheet of tissue paper. Be sure to allow for seam allowances. It would probably be about 4 pattern pieces in total and a fairly easy and quick project. Good Luck!

  22. So glad it worked out for you! Crocs Rule!

  23. Sally Says:

    I bought your pattern this morning and have finished one sock to the point where you sew the center. I am now ready to start the sides but I am not really clear on where you start this. I am really a knitter and have only done simple crochet. do you start by going across the top of the foot or at the side of that area. I’m sure if i was more familiar with crochet I could visualize how this would all work. Thanks for your help.

  24. Carrie Says:

    I, unfortunately am not a crotcheter- but a knitter. Has anyone seen a knitting pattern for a croc liner? Much obliged…

  25. I’m not aware of one and my knitting skills are not up to par for writting a pattern. You might try It’s a wonderful site with oodles of free patterns.
    Good luck!

  26. When you start the sides, insert your hook in the 1st, back center stitch, work all the way around the top sides, be sure to increase as directed, continue around and then join to the 1st stitch. When you start the second rnd, you’ll be working in dc. This will keep the seam in the back. When you finish, it should resemble a slipper with a wide cuff. Please don’t hesitte to contact me if you should have any questions at all.

  27. Sally Says:

    I do have another question which probably is elementary when you know what your doing BUT here goes. In a round-for example-2. When you join to the beginning sc,ch1, and then go to round 3 where you sc in the first sc – is that the same one you just joined with or the next empty one.
    Thanks. I have completed 1 sock but wondered if I did it correctly for future reference.

  28. Hi Sally:
    Not an elementary question at all. The first sc is in the same sc that you joined, this will keep your stitch count correct. Have fun!

  29. […] a few moments ago I finished a pair of Croc socks, another commissioned piece. These are crocheted using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in colour Jute. […]

  30. Terrib Says:

    I just bought both patterns for the croc socks. My first liner is almost worn out, so I hope this will be a great substitute. Now I just need to find some time to actually make these!!

  31. LOL…….that was the inspiration……scrungie liners! They work up pretty quick!

  32. I ordered your adult Crocs socks pattern last night and have not received it-wondering when I can expect it to be mailed as my 12 year old son can’t wait to have a pair!


  33. Oh dear! You should have received an email with a download link from Ravelry. I will send you the file via email and also try to locate the download link and include that also.
    Let me know if you have any problems.

  34. Still no pattern or Etsy download. My home email is

  35. Oops…….the pattern and download went to your Comcast email address. I have just resent it to the new address. Let me know if you have any problem in receiving it.

  36. wow, I typed my own address wrong! I guess I need to go into my Ravelry account and change my internet provider

  37. OH! Never mind, I got the Etsy download-sorry for the confusion! Off to play with yarn!

  38. LOL…….I feel your pain with the email addresses! I went thru it last year when I had to change service providers……..shsssssh, what a pain that was! Anyway, if you have any problems or questions, just give me a shout! Have fun!

  39. Pattianne Says:


    I don’t knit so want to know if there is a pattern available for 9-10 women (some of us are ‘blessed’ with big feet lol) ??

    I would want to get the Kid’s croc socs at the same time if there is a variation available in the women’s crochet for 9-10



  40. Thank you so much for your interest. I offer the crochet pattern for Women’s sizes 5-12 and Men’s sizes 3-12. They can be ordered from this blog. A knit pattern is available on ravelry:—womens-size-8—10-mens-6—8—liners-for-plastic-clogs-crocs-tm

  41. Helen Says:

    Just bought this pattern from Ravelry a couple of days ago.
    now have croc socks on and enjoyed amking them.
    Really good pattern.

  42. That’s fantastic! Thank you so very much for taking the time to let me know!

  43. Karen Says:

    can you reccommend some yarns that might be suitable for these liners. Thank you

  44. I used Red Heart Super Saver, but most any worsted weight yarn will work….in Acrylic-Bernat or Vanna’s, Lion Brand and Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn-I find Caron Simply Soft is a bit thin. If you like a cotton yarn, Sugar n Cream, Peaches n Cream and Hobby Lobby-I Love This Cotton. In wool and wool blend, I have only used Lion Brand…….hope this helps.

  45. Denice Hicks Says:

    Hi, I purchased this pattern today and was hoping there would be photos. I’m a beginner and usually knit but I saw this pattern on Ravelry and had to try it! Do you have any photos to go along with the pattern tutorial? I would greatly appreciate it!


    xxDenicexx on Ravelry. A link to my profile is below.

  46. Hi Denice:
    I don’t have “as you go” pictures. Give me a few days and I will put something together for you.

  47. Denice Hicks Says:

    Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to see pics so I can make my first pair! Thank you for taking the time to do this!

  48. Denice:
    An email is on the way to your gmail address. Happy Hookin’! Oh….I have dial up and it’s a fairly large file (for my computer), so just shout if you have any problem receiving it.

  49. Pattianne Says:

    I want both the adult and the junior socks….CROCHET and if and when you ever write a pattern for the akb board sock type would want those also but I can NOT use needles to knit due to tendonitis.

    So, WHERE is the link to buy the crochet patterns because etsy said no items for sale.


  50. Thank you so much for your interest. You can follow this link: The patterns are offered on this weblog as a Ravelry download. I recommend that, should there ever be any updates, you would automatically receive them.
    I don’t know why they don’t show up on Etsy. You can find them at this link: and at this link:

    I do have some very basic crochet sock patterns, they are worked in the round. I plan on adding additional sock patterns in the very near future. If you go to my home page, you will find a complete list on the right hand side of the page.

  51. I have two questions regarding this pattern. The first is which side is considered the right side? Is it the inside of the sock that is visible when in the Croc and when the cuff is folded down or the outside of the sock which is NOT visible? The second question is regarding round 8 of the side, shouldn’t there be a ch 3 at the end of the round? Thanks. Christina

  52. Hi Christina:
    The right side is the exterior or outside of the sock, the wrong side is the interior. Rnd. 8 should read ch 3, do not turn. What size are you working on? I will need to correct it if it is not in the pattern. Thank you so much for letting me know about this error.

  53. Thanks Carol for your quick reply. I stitched one sock with the interior as the right side and then when I realized I might have made a mistake, I omitted the turn in step 8. I haven’t decided whether to tear out the cuff, could you tell me your design reason for doing it the way you did as opposed to how I did it? Maybe that will help me decide.

    I am making the adult small, but it looks like the same omission of the ch 3 occurred in the medium as well.

  54. I sent you an email with the details.

  55. Marjanna Says:

    googled for free pattern…. this is what I get… ^^

  56. Kathy Says:

    Does the pattern state what size of croc to use ie: size 10 mens insert for size 10 croc?

  57. The pattern is written based on Croc Shoe sizes, I also include Sole sizes since there are so many variations of crocs and clogs now.

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