Vintage Style Drawstring Bag-Free Crochet Pattern

14-16 inch diameter drawstring purse.  Easily worked using double strands of size 10 cotton crochet thread for duability and best of all, requires no liner. 

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Supplies: Size 0 steel crochet hook (or size C aluminum crochet hook), 450 yards size 10 cotton crochet thread.

Stitches Used: ch, sl st, sc, dec sc, dc, tr, picot (ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook).

Gauge: with 0 hook- 8 dc = 1 inch, 2 dc rows = 1 inch. 

Directions-Working with 2 strands throughout entire project:

Rnd. 1: ch 4, join with sl st to form ring, ch 3 (counts as first dc of next rnd).

Rnd. 2: work 15 dc in ring, join to top of beginning ch 3, ch 3, do not turn.      16 dc

Rnd. 3: dc in same st, *2 dc in next dc*, repeat from asterisks 14 times, join with sl st to top of beginning ch 3, ch 3, do not turn.          32 dc

Rnd. 4: dc in first st, *2 dc in next dc*, repeat from asterisks 30 times, join with sl st to top of beginning ch 3, ch 3, do not turn.              64 dc

Rnd. 5: skip next dc, 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc in next dc, skip next dc, *dc in next dc, skip next dc, 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc in next dc, skip next dc*, repeat from asterisks 14 times, join with sl st to top of beginning ch 3, ch 1, do not turn.         16 shells

Rnd. 6: sc in same st, 7 tr in next ch 1 sp, *sc in next dc, 7 tr in next ch 1 sp*, repeat from asterisks 14 times, join to beginning sc, ch 4 (counts as first tr of next rnd), turn.           16-7 tr groups

Rnd. 7: 6 tr in same sc, sc in center tr of next 7 tr group, *7 tr in next sc, sc in center tr of next 7 tr group*, repeat from asterisks 14 times, join with sl st to top of beginning ch 4, ch 1, turn.            16-7 tr groups

Rnd. 8: 7 tr in first sc, sc in center tr of next 7 tr group, *7 tr in next sc, sc in center tr of next 7 tr group*, repeat from asterisks 14 times, join to top of beginning tr, ch 1, turn.

Rnds. 9-11: repeat rnd. 8.

Rnd. 12: tr, ch 1 in first sc (7 times), sc, ch 1 in center tr of next 7 tr group, * tr, ch 1 (7 times) in next sc, sc, ch 1 in center tr of next 7 tr group*, repeat from asterisks 14 times, join with sl st to beginning tr, ch 1, turn.        

Rnd. 13: repeat rnd. 12, join with sl st to beginning tr, ch 1, do not turn.

Rnd. 14: sc in each st and sc in each ch 1 sp around, join with sl st to beginning sc, ch 1, do not turn.         256 sc

Rnd. 15: sc in first 4 sc, dec sc over next 2 sc, *sc in next 4 sc, dec sc over next 2 sc*, repeat around, join with sl st to beginning sc, ch 5, do not turn.       215 sc

Rnd. 16: skip next sc, *tr, ch 1 in next sc, skip next 2 sc*, repeat from asterisks around, join to 4th ch of beginning ch 5, sl st to next ch 1 sp, ch 1, do not turn.       72-ch 1 spaces

Rnd. 17: sc in same sp, skip next ch 1 sp, 7 tr in next ch 1 sp, skip next ch 1 sp, *sc in next ch 1 sp, skip next ch 1 sp, 7 tr in next ch 1 sp, skip next ch 1 sp*, repeat from asterisks around, join with sl st to beginning sc, ch 1, do not turn.      18-7 tr groups

Rnd. 18: sc, ch 1 in first sc, tr, ch 1 in next tr (7 times), *sc, ch 1 in next sc, tr, ch 1 in next tr (7 times)*, repeat from asterisks around, join with sl st to beginning sc, ch 1, do not turn.                  18-7 tr, ch 1 groups

Rnd. 19: sc in first sc, sc, picot in next ch 1 sp, *sc in next tr, sc, picot in next ch 1 sp*, repeat from asterisks 6 times, [sc in next sc, sc, picot in next ch 1 sp, **sc in next tr, sc, picot in next ch 1 sp**, repeat from ** 6 times], repeat from brackets around, join with sl st to beginning sc, fasten off.

Drawstrings-Make 2

Rnd. 1: leaving 4 inch tail, ch 151, sl st in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, being careful not to twist, fasten off leaving 4 inch tail.

Weave drawstring through ch 1 spaces at rnd. 16, pull 2 strands of tail through the end sl st of drawstring, tie to secure drawstring closed.

Starting at opposite side of bag, weave 2nd drawstring through ch 1 spaces on rnd. 16, secure as done with first drawstring.

Fringe-Make 2

Wrap double strand of thread 12 times around 4 inch cardboard square, cut in half.  Attach tassel on secured end of drawstring, trim if necessary.

119 Comments on “Vintage Style Drawstring Bag-Free Crochet Pattern”

  1. jollyjas Says:

    It’s really nice! Thank you very much 😉

  2. My pleasure! Enjoy!

  3. Joyce Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for this pattern.

  4. My pleasure! Enjoy! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you should have ay questions.

  5. TheHMC Says:

    Very nice! Many thanks.

  6. Madhu Says:

    It looks nice. I couldn’t follow the round 12, can you please explain it?

    I started and got stuck up in this step… 😦

  7. Rnd. 12: tr, ch 1 in first sc (7 times), sc, ch 1 in center tr of next 7 tr group, * tr, ch 1 (7 times) in next sc, sc, ch 1 in center tr of next 7 tr group*, repeat from asterisks 14 times, join with sl st to beginning tr, ch 1, turn.
    With this rnd….you want to work 7 tr with a ch 1 between each tr in each sc…………and a sc, ch 1 in the middle of each tr group. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any more assistance. Good luck!

  8. geetha Says:

    hai i have stared to do the bag but i couldnt follow the 16th step can u expplain

  9. Rnd. 16: skip next sc, *tr, ch 1 in next sc, skip next 2 sc*, repeat from asterisks around, join to 4th ch of beginning ch 5, sl st to next ch 1 sp, ch 1, do not turn. 72-ch 1 spaces
    This is where we make the openings for the drawstring, and reduce the base of the bag. You will want to tr, ch 1 in every 3rd sc……….hope this helps. Carol

  10. Michelle Says:

    This is so pretty, but I can’t even get past rnd 5. The 64 dc from rnd 4 do not fit into what the next round calls for. I must be seriously counting wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :0) Thanks and thank you for sharing this beautiful piece!

  11. You should have 64 dc on rnd. 4, then on rnd. 5………..the ch 3 counts as your first dc, then skip the next dc on rnd. 4……….in the next dc, you will need to work 3dc, ch1, 3 dc (this is the first shell), then skip the next dc. Continue around working a dc, skip a dc, shell, skip a dc. You should end up with 16 dc and 16 shells and 32 skipped dc. This will be the base for the rest of the purse. Hope this helps…..please feel free to contact me any time if you have any other questions.

  12. Gisèle Says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful bag pattern ! it is really beautiful. Do you think I could translate it in French for my French readers ? Of course I will link it to your blog and send you a picture of my purse. Have a nice day !!!

  13. Thank you so much! Of course, please feel free to translate! I’d love to see the picture and post it!

  14. picc21 Says:

    This bag is adorable, and perfect for an upcoming wedding. I’m wondering if you could clarify the 18th round for me.

  15. Rnd. 18: sc, ch 1 in first sc, tr, ch 1 in next tr (7 times) [here you are just following the pattern of rnd. 17, but you are adding a ch 1 sp between each stitch… you end up with sc, ch 1 in each sc and tr, ch1 in each tr],*sc, ch 1 in next sc, tr, ch 1 in next tr (7 times)*, repeat from asterisks around, join with sl st to beginning sc, ch 1, do not turn. 18-7 tr, ch 1 groups

    Hope this helps.

  16. heather Says:

    Love the bag wondering if you would explain rnd 16?

  17. Hi Heather:

    Rnd. 16: skip next sc, *tr, ch 1 in next sc, skip next 2 sc*, repeat from asterisks around, join to 4th ch of beginning ch 5, sl st to next ch 1 sp, ch 1, do not turn. 72-ch 1 spaces
    This rnd. will create the spaces for weaving the ties through…..once you ch 5 at the end of rnd. 15 (counts as first tr, ch 1 on rnd. 16), skip the next 2 sc on rnd. 15…… the next sc, you want to make a tr and ch 1……skip the next 2 sc……
    Hope this helps.

  18. Jennifer Says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but when you say “ch 1 in next sc” or “ch 1 in next tr” what do you mean? How do you chain “in” something?. Thanks

  19. I’m not sure which rnd. you are referring to? The shells are made with a 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc in a sc, and the “tr’s” are 7 tr’s in a sc and there is also a tr, ch 1 (7 times) in a sc.

  20. Brenda Says:

    This is deliciously beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  21. Brenda: Thank you so much! It’s truly my pleasure.

  22. Dyann Says:

    Absolutely beautiful…are you Pinterest? I would love to save this so I can have the pattern later. I am definitely going to make this! Thanks so much for the pattern.

  23. Thank you so much. I’m not on Pinterest, but I am on Ravelry. I think you can pin it from there?

  24. Edie Says:

    My favorite color in size 10 is Monet. I carry it with Frosty or Peacock or Wood violet. Any of these combinations would look great for this drawstring bag.

  25. ooooooh……any of those colors would be beautiful……and adding beads would make it elegant!

  26. Awesome! I like this pretty pattern. Many thanks for posting it! 🙂
    Lee Ann H
    Crochet…Gotta Love It! Blog
    Crochet…Gotta Love It! Website (crochet names and rosary patterns)

  27. Thank you so much!

  28. Jen Says:

    Wondering if I am doing something wrong with the gauge. I checked it per the pattern and it was right, but the bag is -tiny-. When you say 14-16 in diameter is that flat or gathered? I have tried it twice and upped to a size D aluminum hook, same result. Any suggestions?

  29. Flat…….the gauge really doesn’t matter too much. The bag when gathered is about 6-7″ tall……for something a bit larger, you could move up to a larger hook or perhaps a heavier thread, perhaps size 3……..

  30. Jen Says:

    Thank you!

  31. Tree Says:

    Hi, I’m having major trouble with this pattern. I started with what you have stated 2 strands #10 size c hook. I’ve completely started over using 2 different size hooks. I’ve checked gauge. Once I get past the first 3 double crochet rounds, it starts ruffling like crazy. Is it supposed to do that? I’m not even finished with the first round of 3 dc sc 3 dc shells and the only way it would lay flat is if I cut out 3 shells. Any ideas?

  32. It should look like a circle….almost like a doily….each row to rnd. 4 will increase the size of the circle. On rnd. 5, the shells begin…..working a shell in one dc and a dc in the next dc (this may cause some ruffling) but should not be a huge amount……the following rnds will actually correct it. The gauge really doesn’t matter all that much, so any hook you feel comfortable with will work. Hope this helps.

  33. Julie Says:

    Hi, I’m having a problem with round 18, where it says “tr, ch 1 in next tr”,

    In each previous row the shell (made up of 7 tr) is worked in the sc of the row before it, so the shell pattern is staggered from row to row. But this doesn’t seem to be the case with row 18. It looks like you’re putting one t6, ch 1 on top of each individual tr of the previous, rather than working the shell (consisting of tr, ch 1 seven times) in the sc from the previous row. That doesn’t seem to look right.

    Do you by any chance have a photo of the bag opened up to show the last three rows clearly?

  34. Rnd. 18: sc, ch 1 in first sc, tr, ch 1 in next tr (7 times), *sc, ch 1 in next sc, tr, ch 1 in next tr (7 times)*, repeat from asterisks around, join with sl st to beginning sc, ch 1, do not turn. 18-7 tr, ch 1 groups

    Thank you so much for your interest in this pattern. I’m afraid I don’t have a photo of the open bag. This rnd creates a “full ruffle” look when the bag is closed. Picots are created in the next rnd. If you prefer, you can skip the ch1(s) in rnd 18 and in rnd. 19, work your picots in the top of the tr(s), or you can omit the picots. The pattern is only a suggestion and can be easily adapted to suit your style. Most of all…..have fun with it. Happy Hookin’!

  35. Julie Says:

    Thank you for your answer, but I still don’t understand what “tr, ch 1 in next tr” means. What do you mean by “next tr”?

    I’m sorry to be so dense about this, but I can’t figure it out and I’ve only got two rows to go to finish the bag!

  36. No problem at all……instead of tr in each tr (7 times)………you need to tr and ch1 in each of the 7 trebles ……this will create a space between each treble……there will also be a ch1 with the sc(s). An easier way may be to ch1 after each treble and each sc around. Hope this helps a little.

  37. Claire Says:

    This purse is very pretty. I have made in silver, gold, black and black & silver. I love the idea of beads. How would I put them on and where do you suggest I put them? Pearls on black would be beautiful.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  38. Thank you so much. You’ve been busy! It would probably be easiest to add the beads in the center sc(s).

  39. Linda Says:

    Hi, I am working on this bag up to Rnd 18, it also look a little bit funny.
    Where it say * sc, ch1 in next sc, tr, ch1 in next tr ( 7 times )*
    Is this asterisks work in each sc at Rnd 17 ?? Is it correct ?
    I have a picture of what I have done BUT I do not know how to include with this post.
    Maybe you can enlighten us on the right way to this pattern so that we all can benefit and complete to do this beautiful bag.

  40. Hi Linda, thank you for your interest…..on rnd. 17-first, *sc, ch1 in the next sc……..then you want to work a tr, ch1 in each of the next 7 tr(s)*…..this is workded around and will increase the size of the circle. Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

  41. Linda Says:

    Thank you for your reply. I have finished my draw string bag. Real cute. Thanks for the pattern. I wish I can post for you all to see but I do not know how to do this.

  42. My pleasure! So glad it worked out for you!

  43. Maria Says:

    I have maaany questions regarding this pattern, as it has left me very frustrated, but I’ll start with this one: What do you mean when you say at the beginning of a row “sc in same st”? Which same st? The one you sl st in to close the row, the fist st on the prev row, or the first st on the chain you made at the closing of the last row? I have no idea.

  44. Maria Says:

    Also, I read you explanation of row 5 in the comments. It differs from the one in the instructions, where you say “3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc in NEXT dc”. In the comments I think you say the second 3dcs should be in the same dc. I decided to follow the official instructions, and ended up with only 13 shells, or whatever they are. I’ve never given up on a pattern before, but I think I’ll have to on this one, if there’s so much confusion this early on. I guess I’m too stupid to figure it out. I saved up my one skein of shiny quality yarn for this bag, but it’s all puffy now from how many times I’ve had to unravel it :(.

  45. For this, you want to sc in the joining stitch. This will be the first stitch of the rnd.

  46. As long as you have 64 dc at the end of rnd. 4, it should work out to 16 shells on rnd. 5……every other dc should have a dc, or a shell……the first ch3 counts as a dc, then skip the next dc on rnd. 4 and work the 3dc, ch1, 3dc in the next dc, then skip the next dc……hope this helps.

  47. Janice Says:

    Thanks for the “cool” free purse pattern, I have some 50 year old patterns that are somewhat like this one but is always nice to have something newer!.

  48. Always, my pleasure!

  49. Y H Smith Says:

    Hoping to give this pattern a go for a Bride to be, she gets married in March. She’s in Michigan I’m in England, being an advanced beginner of sorts I hope I can finish and post it by then. Glad to see you help with any queries, fingers crossed I can work with such thin yarn – completed so many American crochet patterns I know the US crochet terminology better than the British.

  50. You can do it! If you are concerned about the size of the tread, you can move up to a size 3 crochet thread, worked with 2 strands and perhaps an F/5/3.75mm or a G/6/4mm crochet hook. It will also give you a slightly larger purse that would probably be perfect for the bride! Feel free to contact me if you run into any problems.

  51. Wati Says:

    I love this bag! Still on 8th row. Is it supposed to ruffle at this stage. I’ve read the instructions really carefully. Unravel once, nd I don’t think I’ve made a mistake.

  52. It sounds as if it’s working out just fine. It does not ruffle……it is actually a large circle, then the circle will be made smaller and that is where the drawstring will go then the trim is worked.

  53. Wati Says:

    I’m now stuck at row 14 and 15. Am I supposed to sc in every single stitch? And also, if we sc in the 1 chain space, what about the other stitch in the space? I don’t know if I make sense. Hehehe. And for row 15, I’m not sure the term dec sc in every 2 stitch. Thank you for your help. It is really turning out well and I’m stuck at the simplest rows. Yeeeshhh.

  54. On rnd. 14……work 1 sc in a sc and work 1 sc in the ch-1sp…..If you would rather, you can work 1 sc in each sc and work 1 sc in each ch. There are no other stitches to work in, so I’m not sure what extra stitch you’re refering to.
    After you work the sc’s around, then on rnd. 15… a sc in 4sc, then work a decrease (sc 2 stitches together)… this around. This will reduce the size of the large circle.

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  56. FA Says:

    The bag looks nice. However, I’m currently stuck at round 12. I read the previous comment regarding the same round, but I still could not follow. After *tr, ch 1* 7 times in sc, where do you do the sc after that? Is it *tr, ch 1(7 times) in sc, then ch 1, sc, ch 1 in the middle of the 7 tr? Please explain. Thank you

  57. It should read: : tr, ch1 in first sc (7 times), sc, ch1 in center tr of next 7-tr group, * tr, ch1 (7 times) in next sc, sc, ch1 in center tr of next 7-tr group*, repeat from*to* 14 times, join with slst to beginning tr, ch1, turn.

  58. This pattern is beautiful! I can’t wait to start it to use as a reticule for historical re-enacting in the spring. I would like a larger bag, however, perhaps double this size when closed. Were I to double everything from the beginning, would I get a larger bag that looks exactly the same? (I like the delicate look and the fact that the bag does not require a liner, so I am a bit hesitant to use a size 3 thread.) Thank you for your thoughts!

  59. Thank you for your interest……I think the #3 thread worked in a double strand with perhaps an E hook would be perfect. I also think if you work the sc increasing rows…..working 16 sc increases in each additional row until you have 128 sc (if my math is correct, that’s working 4 more rows)…….then follow the pattern as written, only you should have 32 shells instead of 16. Continue with the pattern rows for the treble stitches until you have a large circle, then when it’s the size you want, work the ch-1 spaces for the tie. I would also work a couple extra rows for the top finishing. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Carol

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  61. Denise Says:

    Hi, I have 2 questions. If I make this bag with 2 strands of size 10 thread would you use 3mm beads?

    Second, you say 450 yds. Is that using a single strand or double?

  62. I’m not sure on the beading size…..I just used little beads (no mm was listed) that a size 14 hook would go thru….to grab the thread. The 450 yards is with using both strands.

  63. Denise Says:

    I am a little confused. This will be my first time using beads. We use the size 0 hook to make the bag. What is the size 14 hook for?

  64. I use that hook to go thru the bead center to grab the yarn and pull it thru……then continue on with the size 0 hook for crocheting. I add beads one at time instead of stringing them on before I start…….this is how most people do it:
    This is how I do it: This way, I don’t have to pre count how many beads I need…….

  65. Denise Says:

    Amazing! Thank you so much! I will practice with a few stitches. What a relief from counting and dealing with all those beads. I am working on another project now. Once I am done, I will make a bag. I love love learning new skills. I have always been afraid of adding beads. Woohoo! You have made my day!

  66. fantastic…….a little trick……if the center hole is too small for a hook…….use a piece of sewing thread……for instance…..insert the thread thru the last loop on the sc, then insert the thread thru the center hole of the bead and pull the thread thru with the yarn attached………viola!

  67. Denise Says:

    I love it!! Thanks again. I can finally do this. I am sure you have helped others with this post about how you bead too. Thanks for sharing this great pattern too. Hugs!

  68. always my pleasure. with a little practice, you can add buttons as you go the same way……..

  69. Denise Says:

    Hmm, I never thought of that. Those tiny buttons I assume you mean. I was just going to make a bag for dressy, but now I can see more than one bag in my future, hehehehe. The buttons would be nice for a more everyday bag purhaps. I am going to have such fun! Since I figure that using double strand size 3 thread will make a more durable bag I think i will work with that. Has anyone tried using Lizbeth Cordonnet thread? Just wondering if it is really more durable than Aunt Lydia’s.

    Thank you so so much for your help and great ideas!

  70. Any size buttons…..not for the bag, but if you have to add buttons to sweaters or hats or slippers……you can di it that way instead of sewing them on…….I have used Lizbeth thread and find it to be “softer” and use it for trim on clothes and such. For doilies and bedspreads and bags…..I still like the stiffer threads like Red Heart, Aunt Lydia’s, Royale and so on. I really don’t know if one is more durable than the other. I have some spreads I made 30 years ago that still look pretty darn good……and I’m not “dainty” with them.

  71. Denise Says:

    Yes, I was thinking of adding the buttons to the amigurumi characters that I make. Never thought of adding buttons as designs on my amigurumi people instead of just closures. I have buttons lying around. The projects that I make are not toys so the buttons would work just fine.

    Thank you for your recommendations for thread. You have been so so very helpful. I do almost all of my shopping online so now I will order my thread. I have only made a bed doll years ago using thread so I really appreciate your help with the different brands of thread. I have the same feelings about worsted weight yarn, I am particular.

    Have a great day,

  72. You’re so very welcom….Happy Hookin’!

  73. Denise Says:

    Another question. If I purchase one of those really big balls of thread, say Aunt Lydias, will I be able to do double thread from the one ball?

  74. no… have to roll a second ball off the first ball…….it really goes fast….I do it all the time

  75. Denise Says:

    Ok, thank you. Have a great day.

  76. Denise Says:

    I have finally started my bag. I have gotten as far as rnd 6 and now I am completely confused. I tried doing the row exactly as written. What I got was a curled up mess. There are many stitches that must be skipped. I believe it is 8 or so between the tr stitches. I just don’t understand. Please explain.

  77. Denise Says:

    Never mind, I figured it out. I am assuming when you say sc in the next dc, you mean the single dc between the shells of rnd 5 correct?

  78. yes, you got it…..the shell is counted as 1 stitch group, so that no stitches are worked in the shell stitches and the dc is counted as one stitch……

  79. Denise Says:


  80. Denise Says:

    I am working on my bag. It is ecru with little gold beads. The beads give a nice subtle shine that I wanted. Next time I want a bit more drama, I plan on making a black one with white beads. I read what you said about making a larger bag above.

    Could you be bit more specific? I mean what number rnds are you referring to and stuff like that? I appreciate any additional information you can provide.

  81. That sounds really cute! I really like the black and white color scheme…..wouldn’t it look awesome lined in red!
    This is worked in multiples of 4 (to work the shell pattern)…….so………after Rnd. 4…… another row or 2 of increases…….depending on how large you want to go…..2 rows will add about 2 more inches in diameter, then start the shell rows, probably adding 2 more rnds in height also……because it’s larger, you may also want to add a row or 2 at the top. Another option……you could move up to a size 3 thread, working with 2 strands and maybe a E hook………….

  82. Denise Says:

    Thank you, I think I understand about the larger size now. I love the idea of the red lining. That is exactly what I am going to do! I really appreciate your help and suggestions.

  83. Denise Says:

    You have inspired me. I am going to line my ecru bag with the gold beads with a nice shiny gold fabric. Woohoo!

  84. Oooooooooh……very classy!

  85. Denise Says:

    Me again. This is the first bag like this I have ever made. When I line this bag should I make it so that the lining doesn’t show above the drawstring or have the lining go all the way to the top?

  86. I do it below…….before I do the drawsting row…..I use the bag as a template to cut the fabric…..just a smidge wider than the bag so I have enough to fold under.
    I also sew the lining in at the same time…..just below the stitches on the bag…..then I finish the last rows…..

  87. Denise Says:

    Thank you do much. I would not though of lining the bag before completing the bag. Excellent. Thanks again, have a great weekend.

  88. Denise Says:

    Hi, I have what I hope will be my last question. I am making the larger version of this bag. My question is in regards to the increases after Rnd 4. You say to add 16 dc to each of 4 rows so that there is a total of 128 dc. Is there a pattern to the increases or do we just add the 16 increase stitches at will within the row? I tried doing it every 4th stitch and so on and failed. I wound up just sprinkling the increase stitches in each row. Just felt wrong.

  89. If my math is correct……dc in next 4 dc, 2dc in next dc….that should give you 80 dc in the next row increase………then in the next row…..dc in first 5 dc, 2dc in next dc….that should give you 96 dc……work 1 extra dc between the increases as you add each row….
    You want to make sure as you go along that you keep a circle shape……just a note ……you may want to add just 2 rows at the bottom…….and then add 2 rows (shells) at the top before the drawstring row……..

  90. Denise Says:

    Thank you. I was thinking about all those rows. I tried it adding the 4 rows at the bottom and it is a bit much to me because that gives you six rows total on the bottom. Just adding 2 rows instead of 4 sounds like a plan. The extra rows just under the drawstring row sounds good too. If the bag becomes too outsized it will lose the beauty in my opinion. These dimensions should be just right. Thank you for your help and patience answering all my questions.

  91. the key is proportion……..never a problem, feel free to contact me anytime…..

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  93. cocobarbie Says:

    very nice pattern but please change the instructions for round 5 to reflect what you actually have to do because you have put that the shell is made by 3dc in one stitch ch1 then 3dc in the next stitch not the same one, and this results in 13 shells as someone has already said not 16

  94. Sorry for the delay……The 3dc, ch1, 3dc goes into one st….it’s not split between 2 sts.

  95. Crystal Parker Says:

    Is there any way you would have a photo of this bag flat? I want to see the top three rows. Having trouble understanding row 17, and if I could see it I think I could understand. Thank you!

  96. I’m sorry…..I have moved and don’t have internet right now…..hopefully by next week…..After you work the ch-1 spaces on Row 17…….for Row 18….slst to the first ch-1sp….work a sc in the first ch-1sp……..then skip the next ch-1 sp……..then work 7tr in the next ch-1sp…….then skip the next ch-1 sp…….do this all around………

  97. Natasha Says:

    Really not getting the 17th round!unable to understand what’s does sp stand for?thought it was short for shell pattern but then it doesn’t fit in this round…could you pls explain this round..many thanks in advance

  98. sp stands for space…..on rnd. 17, you’ll be working 7tr in every other space around….

  99. I just made this bag and I LOVE IT. I took a couple tries to get into the rhythm of it, but once I had the hang of the motif it moved along super fast. I really like the way the drawstrings are done.

  100. Thank you so much! I’m so glad that it worked out for you!

  101. leny vervoort Says:

    wat betekend SP in het patroon ?

  102. Kerry Says:

    Do you have a diagram for this pattern perhaps. Love the bag and busy with Row 12, but it is giving me great difficulty. I have read the other answers where people mention they struggle with this row too. The repeat answer of what is in the pattern and extra comments are still not helping. Please can you explain this row different or provide a diagram of this pattern – which would really help.
    I had the same curly issue someone else mentioned on the bottom of the bag rows, but pressing can sort that one, but it went pear-shaped on the first shell row – I had to reduce the shell from 7 trebles to 5 trebles to flatten it out – that worked. But now stuck on Row 12 – please help. I sent an email was well – but have not received feedback yet. Thanks in advance.

  103. My apologies, I’ve had some pc problems and also had to change my email…..still playing catch up. I don’t have the ability to post a diagram, but will try to assist. After you join, ch1, turn, work 7tr in that sc with a ch1 between each tr… the shell is: tr ch1, tr ch1, tr ch1, tr ch1, tr ch1, tr ch1, tr ch1, then sc ch1 in the 4th tr of the next shell. When you get to Rnd 14, it should be round, like a doily. Hope this helps.

  104. Kavita Says:

    My bag is curling up on round 5 more in the next round

  105. It should be working out in a round shape, much like a doily. There’s not enough information to know what the problem is.

  106. Robin Says:

    In Rnd. 8: for 7 tr in first sc , do you mean the sc after the 7 tr?

  107. […] Vintage Style Drawstring Bagcrochet […]

  108. Poonam Aggarwal Says:

    Please could you share a video tutorial for this pattern

  109. I am unable to do videos at this time.

  110. Sanheetha Says:

    Lovely pattern, thank you! Was simple to follow. Just what I’ve been searching for.
    Adjusted the pattern to suit my yarn and also to achieve the size bag I wanted.
    I would give you a 5🌟 rating.

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