About Cobbler’s Cabin

Cobbler’s Cabin is your place for an eclectic collection of crochet patterns with a flair for vintage styles. You’ll find infant and children’s items, teddy bears and toys, collector items, doilies, ring bearer pillows, scarf sets and so much more.  Many of the items have been inspired from days gone by.  I love the classic styles!

There is a collection of American Girl  (a popular 18″ doll) doll clothes patterns offered for free and some for sale.  I try to keep prices reasonable as possible for everyone.

You can visit my Etsy or Ravelry site to see some of the unique styles offered.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for…..send me a request.  I’m always open to suggestions.

Now you can find some of my favorite original patterns and many of them are free.  You can find the free patterns listed under the  Happy Hookin’ page on the right hand side of the page.   Other patterns are listed in Patterns I and Patterns II.


Visit often as I will try to routinely update.

Also  visit Cobbler’s Cabin at: www.cobblerscabin.etsy.com

and at: http://www.ravelry.com/designers/carol-ballard
Many patterns are easy to complete for the beginner, but oldtimers are welcome to use them!  You’ll find the free patterns under the Happy Hookin’ page.
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154 Comments on “About Cobbler’s Cabin”

  1. noradora Says:

    Hi Carol, Well with your help, I found you. Great site, your work is always so awesome. I just love to crochet and am so happy that I have found others who enjoy it as much as I do. Happy Easter!

  2. Wild Child Says:

    Well hello, my fellow etsian 🙂 …..just checking out ya blog, figured i’d leave a finger print 😀

  3. kim* Says:

    I havent seen this kind of needle work in some time its very classic original.

  4. Kim-thank you so much for your kind words, it’s very much appreciated!

  5. Michelle Says:

    Just sending a smile your way =)

  6. Anna Nester Says:

    Help, How do I unsubscribe?

  7. In the upper right hand corner of this blog…..click on Blog Info…..I think you can unsubsribe there.

  8. or…..maybe…..go to your dashboard (the little house icon on the left)….click on it and it brings up a list….roll down to subscriptions…….

  9. Hi Carol!
    I love your patterns, designs and crochet things! I adore the scarf hat you have. Is the pattern available? Thanks a bunch. Keep up the great designs!

    Your new Flickr friend, Beth

  10. Helen Says:

    Floral Napkin Rings and Placemats – I’d love to buy these but I can’t seem to get the buy now button to work, can you help please?

  11. Thank you so mcuh for letting me know. It’s all fixed now!

  12. SANDY Says:

    I paid for your AG beret pattern and paypal payment went through but no pattern directions. Isn’t that supposed to be instant?
    Would you check your paypal account and send the pattern?

  13. Almost…..usually takes a few minutes and the link will show up in your email. Let me know if you have any problems.

  14. Katy Ravensong Says:

    I found your website today as you had a pattern featured on crochet pattern central’s new patterns page. I dearly love your patterns and have saved quite a few of them. Thank you so much.

  15. Katy:
    Thank you so much for your interest in the patterns. I’m so glad that you’re able to use them!

  16. Paige Says:

    These patterns are AWESOME!!!!

  17. Denise S Says:

    Beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing your patterns.

  18. Thank you so much! It’s my pleasure, I’m so glad that you are able to use them!

  19. Karen Cornell Says:

    I just found your site and was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful patterns that you are sharing.
    I am still a beginer and do not understand the term (dec sc)I must be having a senior moment.
    Does that mean decrease by combining 2 single crochet?
    Thank You,

  20. Thank you so much for your interest in the patterns. LOL! I know what you mean! That is exactly it. Decrease 2 sc crochet into one.

  21. debbie Says:

    Hi there,
    finally getting around to making these for myself and am also finding them too small, but that’s okay because I am going to use a bigger hook and see if that works….
    however reading here i see there was a corrections made and I wonder if I got the corrected pattern or not, I can’t remember when my order was but perhaps you would have a record and then know which one I received….also wondering if there were larger sizes yet…some of us have big footed teenagers…lol…
    thanks so much

  22. Speckledhawk1 Says:

    🙂 i LOVE these patterns!

  23. Speckledhawk1 Says:

    (:o) what does F hook and E hook and stuff mean? The hooks I get have 5.0 and 5.5 and stuff on them

  24. I used Boye Aluminum crochet hook…..E=3.25, F=3.75 There are some differences in size from manufacturer to manufacturer……it drives me crazy!
    You’d think they would all be uniform in size! LOL….I think mine are antiques….they list the size by letter and the price $.25. This site has a pretty good conversion chart:

  25. Jane Says:


    I came across this web site searching American Girl Doll Clothes. The patterns are absoutely beautful and
    easy to follow. I am hoping to sell some of my work.
    Thank You So Much
    You are an inspiration…..

  26. Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s my pleasure. Good luck in your venture!

  27. Speckledhawk1 Says:

    One problem. How big are my stitches supposed to be? Evrything I make is just SLIGHTLY too small! 😮 sorry to bother you!

  28. You may need to check gauge (which I really hate to do!)……if it works out too small…..you can move up to the next size hook. This would correct the size problem……
    and it’s no bother at all!

  29. Lesley Says:

    I want to make your Vintage drawstring bag for my daughter’s wedding but am having difficulty working out hook sizes & thread equivalents for U.K. materials. Please help.

  30. This is a conversion chart for hook sizes……a size 0 (US) is 00 (UK). The thread I used in a bedspread weight cotton thread. Hope this helps.

  31. Denise Says:

    How can I unsubscribe to this blog?

  32. In the upper right hand corner of this blog…..click on Blog Info…..I think you can unsubsribe there.

  33. speckledhawk1 Says:

    Do you know somewhere that I can find free sewing patterns for AG dolls?

  34. The American Girl site sometimes offers “retired” outfit patterns. It’s hit and miss. I have 3 and would be happy to send them to you via email. They can easily be adapted for a number of outfits……

  35. floweroni Says:

    me and my cousin are making a doll clothing business, and i was wondering if we could sell clothes we made using your patterns. I looked for legal stuff, but i couldn’t find it, and i just wanted your permission. we could give you credit in our catolouge or something if you want. By the way, I love the doll bunny slippers.

  36. Please feel free to sell your finished projects……I would be happy to send you an email for your records if you need it. It’s wonderful to offer credit for thepatterns and I really appreciate that! Good luck with your venture!

  37. Cathy Warner Says:

    Hi there,
    My daughter and I also have a business we are starting and would love permission to sell some of your designs. Could you respond via email to me? Thank you so much. Love your things!

  38. Thank you so very much….it’s on the way! Good luck!

  39. Flori Says:

    Hi Carol,
    I would like to make the Western Gear pattern for my baby grandson to wear for Halloween. Is there a way to convert your pattern from a doll pattern to a baby pattern? Thank you.

  40. Flori:
    How old is your grandson….or what size does he wear.? It can be adjusted by increasing the stitches, change to 4 ply yarn and perhaps an H hook. Let me know and I will try to crunch the numbers for you.

  41. Flori Says:

    Hi Carol,
    I sent you an email yesterday but don’t know if you received it so I’m resending it here.

    He is 8 weeks old now and still wears newborn clothes. I would think by Halloween he would be wearing 3 month size. H hook and 4 ply yarn is what I was planning on. Thank you for your help.

  42. How sweet….a little guy! Give me about a week or so (I have to finish up a couple commercial patterns) and I will get it posted here and send you an email also. Your email never showed up, but I also have the world’s worst internet service!

  43. Linda C Says:

    I love your patterns. But I have a request. I have been out of work for a long time and have decided to make use of my knitting and crocheting skills to try to get some sort of income. May I use your patterns to create some AG clothes to place on ebay? If you say no I will not, but I would appreciate your permission. Thank you.

  44. Linda:
    Please feel free to sell any completed items. I would be happy to send you an email for your records if you’d like. Good luck with your new venture!

  45. flori Says:

    Hi Carol,
    Your patterns are so cute and it is so nice of you to let people sell the finished products. I’m not in a hurry but I was just wondering how it’s going with the Western Gear outfit for babies. He is now 10 lbs. and 22 inches long. I love that Hippies outfit so much I’d love to have one for me. You are very talented and I’m so glad I found your website. Thanks for your help.

  46. Hi Flori:
    I am just finishing a couple commercial patterns and will start the western set very soon…….should be ready in about 2 weeks, I plan to work up 2 sizes…….0-3 and 3-6 months. I will send it to you as soon as it is finished.

  47. Maria Says:

    Found your site via Ravelry. I was viewing the AG Pioneer Set. Thanks for the patterns

  48. My pleasure, so very glad you are able to use them!

  49. Flori Says:

    Carol, you are wonderful. Thank you so very much for the patterns and how you added the chaps was going beyond what I asked for. I can’t wait to make this and have the baby wear it. Thank you again. Flori

  50. My pleasure….LOL……once I got started…….I couldn’t quit! If you have any questions, just give me a shout.

  51. Amanda Says:

    Hi Carol, I purchased your croc sock pattern off ravelry yesterday, I was so excited about this pattern I dove right in, no problems crocheting it up,very well written, my only problem is with the lining inside my crocks now dont fit! I am wondering do you have to use crocs that once had a liner in them already, that your replacing? are they made bigger? I am using my summer crocs, like the pattern suggested and aran wt yarn, I thought about using a dk wt yarn but would have to modify the pattern completely, increasing rounds, stitch counts…yikes! I am totally bummed 😦

  52. Hi Amanda.
    You can use the liners in your winter crocs but will need to remove the old liners. You can unbutton them from the side button and they will come right out. I use them in my summer crocs……iinsert the liner in the croc and with your hand, push them into the croc so that they are secure and completely in the croc. Mine still fit with the liners in and I still wear socks with them. I used Red Heart, but if you use Caron’s or Paton’s, it’s not as bulky and may solve your problem. In doing this, you may need to move one size up. Hope this helps.

  53. Amanda Says:

    I am thinking this just isn’t going to work for me…boo. I took your suggestions and used a less bulky yarn, and had to use the pattern for the men’s 12” to get it to fit my 11” sole. I am using my summer beach crocs and once I put in the crochet lining, the circumference is to small for my foot to slide in. I don’t think my feet are abnormally huge..lol. I had my daughter try it on and it was to snug for her as well. Well I gave it a good shot 🙂 thanks for your help. I loved the idea of a customizable lining…brilliant!

  54. Reba Taylor Says:

    I found your Men’s Cap crochet pattern on Ravelry. I like the pattern, but I have a question. Do you mean on rounds 8 – 15 to repeat round 2? If so, then round 8 would have 144 stitches, round 9 – 288, etc. Do you not mean for rounds 8 – 14 to repeat round 4?? I hope this is so, because on all rounds 8 – end, you state there are 72 stitches. Please let me know if I am assuming something wrong.

  55. My apologies, you are correct……it is repeat rnd. 4.

  56. Linda Hildreth Says:

    I was reading the posts and saw the traffic about the baby’s western set that was converted from a doll clothes set. I was wondering if you kept that pattern, as I have a 4 month old grandson I would love to make it for if it were avable. Thanks.

  57. No problem….it’s on the way. Enjoy!

  58. Kathy Richards Says:

    Hi Carol, Just found you website from Maggie’s website. I read a little blip about you and saw that you are from Mio, Mich. I have a cousin that lives there. She is the principle at the elementary school there. Small world. Oh, I really love your patterns.

  59. LOL……very small world! If you say you live in Michigan, everyone thinks you’re in Detroit! Thank you so much!

  60. Loralee Gurley Says:

    I am from Mich and have relatives living there. My aunt and uncle used to own a resort in Mio and one of my cousins still is there. Her name is mickey sammons. Do you by any chance know her?
    It sure is a small world.
    I love your dish cloths. I made the one with the scrubbie in the middle. I have copied a lot of them. Keep up the good work. They are beautiful.

  61. Thank you so much! I don’t know her. It sure is a small world…..LOL….what are the chances of that?!! I am so pleased that you are able to use the patterns!

  62. terri Says:

    Just stumbled on this site…sounds sweet! 😉

  63. bon Says:

    love your patterns, especially the AG. My nieces have AG dolls and of course they always want clothes for them. Grandma buys the expensive stuff, and now I will be able to make some crocheted things for them. thank you so much for sharing the patterns.

  64. Always my pleasure, so glad that you are able to use them!

  65. Carol Winkler Says:

    I have a question regarding a pattern–I’m stuck!!! But how do I contact you for help?

  66. I sent you an email to your gmail address…..

  67. Carol Says:

    I’ve been looking through the MANY posts and feel like a kid in a candy store! What a treasure trove! Thanks for publishing so many great ideas!

  68. Thank you so much! That’s so sweet……..hope you are able to use some of the patterns.

  69. Thanks for the Crocs Socks pattern! Started working them up…a little bigger on the hook, as my feet are size 11, but so far, so good. I’ll make bunches of these just for slippers for family!

  70. That’s great…..my granddaughters use them as slippers too!

  71. robin bujak Says:

    hi just printed your pattern saddle tramp vest, i would like to make this for a baby would this fit him. thank u happy crocheting!!

  72. Hi Robin…..thank you for your interest, the vest (and chaps) are designed to fit infants 0-3 months.

  73. robin bujak Says:

    thank u very much! i am just a novice when it comes to this. if i use a bigger hook like a k would it fit a little larger the baby (my friends) i would like him to wear it during the warmer months thank u again can u tell i am a crochet idiot

  74. What size do you need??

  75. robin bujak Says:

    hi the bab y was born in january was hoping or thinking 6-9 months. by the way i am so grateful you r taking the time in helping me i am 47yrs old and dont know anyone that crochets that i know and i do live in a fairly large town. again i truly appreciate your time. have a wonderful day

  76. My pleasure! Feel free to contact me anytime. I sent you an email. Just give me a shout if you have any questions.

  77. robin bujak Says:

    thank u once again

  78. My pleasure 🙂

  79. Lisa Miqueli Says:

    I just found you 🙂 I love your patterns, but I was wondering if you allow items made from your patterns to be sold? I would be happy to link back to you as the designer if you allow this.


  80. Thank you so much for asking! Please feel free to sell your finished projects. Good luck with your venture.

  81. Crystal Says:

    I absolutely love your Saddle tramp chaps and vest and I was wondering how I could make it in bigger sizes than just 0-3 months? Your patterns are so easy to read!

  82. Thank you Crystal……what size are you looking for? There are a couple of ways……….

  83. 3-6 and 6-12. Could I go up a hook size for each or increase beginning chain? Thank you for being willing to help me! 🙂

  84. I sent you an email with more detail………give me a shout if you have any questions.

  85. Jackie Says:

    Just stumbled upon your site. Love the Little Girl’s Adjustable Winter Hat

  86. Thank you so very much!

  87. Michelle Says:

    On your Lava Rock dishcloth that you submitted to Maggie Weldon, there is a problem with rounds 12 and 13.

    you have 84 sc @ the end of Round 12. Round 13, as it is written, only “uses” 77 of the 84 stitches.
    I will check back to see if you replied and fixed the errors. You can email me since WordPress requires it.

  88. Hi Michelle…..I sent you an email……

  89. Norma Says:

    May I please add links to your site to my site:http://dishandwashclothmania.com/
    Thank you for considering my request.

  90. Norma: Thank you so much for asking. Please feel free to add any links.

  91. aaron weldon Says:

    Hey! We Love your site!
    Thank you guys so much for the traffic from your site. I am currently producing a handful of free instructional videos everyday, that include interviews, tips, and free instructional patterns. The link to our YouTube page is http://www.youtube.com/maggieweldon, use any video you like, just make sure to leave the video unedited. Also in a few weeks I’m planning a write up on Facebook about how much we appreciate everyone at cobblerscabin.wordpress.com. Hope you guys have an amazing week!
    Maggie Weldon

  92. Thank you so much! It’s truly my pleasure.

  93. Lisa Says:

    I found your website today, I love them they are classic.

  94. Thank you so much! I hope you are able to use some of them. Happy Hookin’!

  95. Jan Bosman Says:

    Found your website tonight. I am going to try to do some of the doll clothes patterns. They all look great! Thanks so much!

  96. My pleasure! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Happy Hookin’!

  97. Monica Says:

    Beautiful craftsmanship! I am opening an etsy store and with permission would like sell some of the items I make from your pattern. Of course, I would provide a link back to your blog. Please reply by email. Thank you!

  98. Thank you, will do!

  99. Tammy sullivan Says:

    Hi carol I really like one of your patterns the slouchy beret with buttons. I have altered the pattern because it was a little too slouchy for me. Would it be ok if I sold the pattern since I altered it? I don’t know how to go about doing this and i defintitley dont want to get in trouble. I just started crocheting for extra money. I love all your patterns.

  100. Thank you so much for asking, but, I’m afraid I couldn’t approve this request.

  101. Sharyn Damico Says:

    Hi Carol,
    I have found one of your patterns that I have absolutely fallen in love with and would like to make for my daughter’s wedding. The pattern is pictured here:
    Crochet Ring Bearer Pillow
    I followed the suggested link but it links to a revised pattern that doesn’t have the risen up flowers or fill in motifs. Is there any way I can access the original pattern as pictured? I would be happy to purchase it. I am sure it would become an heirloom!

  102. Thank you so much! I sent you an eamil with some additional info.

  103. Nikki Says:

    My daughter absolutely loves all of your patterns. I looked on your site and couldn’t find any legal stuff regarding selling the finished products. I usually have people ask where my daughter got her stuff and then wants it. What is your policy about the selling of the finished product if I give you credit or link back to the pattern? Thanks so much!

  104. Nikki:
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I have absolutely no problem if you wish to sell the finished products. How kind of you to offer to link back!
    It’s not required, but truly appreciated if you do. Happy Hookin’!

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  106. Great Site and your stuff is addorable! Check out my site for tips!!


  107. Thank you! Love your site!

  108. Cindy Says:

    I just purchased the Scottie tree skirt. I’m stumped before I start reading the line.
    Chain 10, slip stitch in 10th chain from hook. Chain 25 sc second chain. Etc. turn.
    I am confused about the original chain 10 what happens to that? I’ve tried to read ahead, but get too confused.

  109. Hi Cindy: Thank you so much! That ch10 will become the button loop.

  110. Sabra Says:

    Hello, Carol! I purchased your Newsboy Cap pattern and am having trouble with rounds 18 and 19. Round 18 has me doing 3 sc, then 2 sc in the next sc, and repeating that 9 times. I’m doing the medium size and had 42 sts before that. With the repeating pattern, I add ten sts, but round 19 ends with 44, according to the pattern. I need some help and clarification.

  111. I sent an email with additional info.

  112. Sabra Says:

    Thank you so much!

  113. Always my pleasure!

  114. nchofame Says:

    What a lovely creation, so adorable…


  115. Wendy Molodich Says:

    I am having a blast making the Penelope visits Piccadilly Circus outfit. I have 2 great-nieces with AG dolls. Just having a slight problem with the socks. If I’m having difficulty getting the socks on the doll, how are my 4 & 7 year old nieces going to get them on?
    Any suggestions?

  116. I’m sorry that you’re having a problem. You might try moving up to a larger hook to make them a bit larger.

  117. Wendy Says:

    Yes, I’ll have to try a larger hook. It’s getting it on over the heel. I am loving your patterns! Easy to follow.

  118. Thank you so much!

  119. Wendy Says:

    Hi! Working on Anastasia’s Ready for Spring outfit. My two nieces have 3 18″ dolls. One is actually an American Girl. The other two measure across the chest/waist about 1/2″ bigger. What would you suggest to have this outfit fit the other dolls? Use a larger hook?
    Love your patterns!!

  120. If you finish the one for the AG doll first, you may want to tru it on the other doll……you may only have to move the buttons over a bit if there’s only a 1/2″ difference. If you find it’s too snug…..you could move up to a size 0 steel hook or a size D hook.

  121. Edna Terry Says:


    I purchased your Bella & Bridget’s Bath & Bedtime Set pattern but now find Bernat Baby Boucle discontinued. What would you
    recommend as a substitute?

  122. All set…..if you need any other assistance, just give me a shout.

  123. Bonnie Says:

    Just found your site and thought I would try the AG Sun Dress set. The dress ended up too short at the top to cover her chest so I added a “bib” and straps that go around her neck and fastened it with a snap (like a halter top). You also have the button holes at the end of row 1 and row 4. The button holes are then on opposite sides of the dress. The hat ended up being a little big (and I crochet fairly tight). Also, you don’t join rounds till row 11. You end up with a slit down the back of the hat that needs to be so sewn together. Why not join all rounds and just turn your work at the end of each row? I didn’t attempt the shoes. I have a pattern for a pair of sandIes which I used instead. Didn’t need the aggravation.

  124. Hi Bonnie: The dress was designed more like a high wasisted skirt to be worn with a tshirt. The bib is a good idea. The button holes were intentional….because they are just loops, I wanted the buttons at opposite sides….just as a design element….to give it a criss-cross look, but it doesn’t matter if you put the ch-5 on row 3 to keep the buttons on the same side. The hat is worked in the round…..do not join…..do not turn…..mark beginning sc…..this was to eliminate the joining “seam” that is created when you join. When you get to the end of rnd. 1…..start rnd. 2 right in the first stitch of rnd 1….move your marker to the first stitch of rnd 2…..this helps to show where the next rnd starts. Working in the rnd like this also keeps the stitches smaller and tighter instead of joining and turning.

  125. Angela Says:

    Hi there, Carol’s boss lol give this girl a raise she deserves it %100

  126. LOL……..Thanks Angela!

  127. Would it be okay to resell the finished product with a link to the original pattern?

  128. Absolutely! Please feel free to sell any completed projects. Good luck with your venture!

  129. Sondra Bell Says:

    I am trying to make your western chaps for 9 to 12 months of age. I like the one with the belt. I have bought the pattern for the one with the diaper cover. I don’t really want that one. Do you have directions to make the other one for that size? I have actually sold this set. Please help me if you can. Need to get this done asap. It is paid for already. Thanks, Sondra

  130. I am sending you an email with more detail to the @wk.net address…….

  131. Judy Hermanson Says:

    Carol,Have purchased pattern for Christmas Scottie Tree Skirt. Know that in Australia some stitches are called different names.Having trouble with 1st row!!!Would have thought after 1stchain and forming a ring next would have gone into the ring but with ch25 etc am not sure where this is taking me. Any ideas please. Judy

  132. Hi Judy:
    The pattern is actually worked in rows…..not joined…..the first ch10 that is joined forms a button loop…….then, ch 25 and work your first row of sc in that “starting” ch.

  133. NoemiCrochet Says:

    found your site via raverly.. I like your patterns.

  134. Thank you so much!

  135. I’m pretty pleased to find this website. I wanted to thank you for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely liked every little bit of it and i also have you book marked to see new things on your website.|

  136. Thank you so much! It’s always my pleasure! I’m in the process of moving and will not have access to the intern. It will be awhile before I have some new posts, but hope it won’t be too long.

  137. Deanna Buterbaugh Says:

    I’m a first timer viewer to your blog site. I hope you are back up running your blog in the near future. I just downloaded your ‘Top Down Sock’ pattern from The ‘love crochet’ website. I first taught myself how to crochet about 50 years ago, but I’ve never tried crocheting socks till now. Thank you for your pattern. I’ll be looking forward to your future posts.

  138. That’s so sweet! Thank you so much…..if all goes well, I should be back online next week!

  139. tech adviser Says:

    Keep it up! This site was already loaded when I opened my computer. Take a look at my web site as well and let me know what you think. LinkedIn experts would like your page.

  140. Jesse Grillo Says:

    I like your style. Thank you. You have the best ideas. You deserve a hug right now.

  141. Thank you so much! I can use a hug right now!

  142. Rinka Says:

    Hi there,
    I found your “Peek a Boo Shawl” pattern on https://www.lovecrochet.com/peek-a-boo-shawl-crochet-pattern-by-cobblers-cabin and like the way it looks a lot. However, I was wondering about how to start with it.

    Rnd. 1: ch 3, 4 dc, ch 2, 5 dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 3, turn. 10 dc”

    I’m not sure how to read this first round properly without an initial chain to work the dc into. Could you please help me out there?

    Many thanks,

  143. Hi Rinka:
    After you ch3, then the following stitches are worked in the 3rd ch from the hook….(work 4dc, ch2, 5dc in the 3rd ch from hook, then, ch3, turn. the stitch count when complete is 10 dc.

  144. Sherry Campbell Says:

    Crochet patteren for chaps for baby

  145. Lois Says:

    I would love to have American girl kitchen appliances patterns and maybe bathroom. I have couch, chair, rug, bed and am making for a charity auction.

  146. Patti McBride Says:

    How do I purchase the todder/baby beret pattern – the pink one?

  147. Hi Carol
    I am working on a pair of ice skates for an 18 ” doll.
    Having problems adding the tongue.
    I don’t understand the instructions at all.
    Just wondered if there is video for this pattern?

  148. This is a Maggie’s Crochet exclusive.

  149. I’m afraid I don’t have any videos. The tongue is worked the same as the sole and then connected to the upper half part of the shoe part. It can be crocheted on or sewn on, whichever is easier.

  150. Keri Says:

    Hi. I’m loving having a go at your ‘Top down socks’ crochet pattern but wonder if it’s meant to be crocheted in the circular fashion? I’m s few rows down from the rib and working flat. I’m re-reading it and thinking I should have joined it soon after the rib (after the HDC row?). I was just confused as it says turn after each row … sorry if I’m being dense. Fairly new to crocheting ;). Keri

  151. the ribbing is worked lat and the body of the sock is worked in the rnd, the heel is then worked flat and then you finish off in the rnd again. When finished, only the ribbing needs a seam.

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