Draft Dodger Legwarmers-Free Pattern

Free PDF download available:   download now

Pretty quick and easy, using basic sc and dc.  Designed to wear over pants….perfect for those chilly football games, sledding, Christmas tree hunts and all those chilly activities!  For bare legs……switch to a smaller hook for the ribbing, and you may want to reduce the # of beginning stitches (by 2’s).

Don’t forget to check out the matching hat, scarf and slippers.  Also available in the same stitch pattern-Men’s Mitts on a String and a cap which can be adjusted for size, too.

Skill Level:  Easy

Supplies: 10½ oz   (Canadiana used in proto type-#3 lt. wt. worsted), Size H/8/5mm crochet hook, yarn needle.

Stitches Used: ch (chain), sc (single crochet), dc (double crochet).

Gauge: 6 st = 2”, 3 rows = 2”


Directions-Make 2:

Rnd. 1: ch85, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in the next 10 ch, dc in next ch, *sc in next ch, dc in next ch* repeat from *to* 30 times, sc in last 10 ch, ch1 turn.    84 st

Rnd. 2: working in back loops, sc in first 10 sc, working in both loops, *sc in next dc, dc in next sc*, repeat from *to* 31 times, working in back loops, sc in last 10 sc, ch1, turn.

Rnds. 3-36: repeat rnd. 2, fasten off at end of rnd. 36, leaving long tail to sew center seam.

Sew center seam.

Note: for longer length, increase pattern in even increments of 2.

Note: add or decrease rnds. for a narrower or wider width.

© December 2009  Pattern may not be reprinted or resold without express written permission.


85 Comments on “Draft Dodger Legwarmers-Free Pattern”

  1. abbie2001 Says:

    What size person are these for?

  2. Thank you so much for your interest in the pattern. These are women’s adult, but can easily be adapted to most any size.

  3. Arlene Says:

    Thank you so much for the legwarmer pattern. Back in the 70’s, they were “cool” and I was a teenager. Now, they are more practical as I am in my 50’s. I always loved legwarmers. I made one so far. It came out beautiful. I am working on the other one now. But in between I made a scarf to match with the same stitch. Thank you for sharing a great pattern and a great memory. Arlene

  4. Thank you so much! The pattern came about because my granddaughters wanted legwarmers…….which means they’re back in style, so now you are stylishly practical!

  5. tennyemaye Says:

    thank you! I’ve been looking for a good pattern for leg warmers. I plan to use this one! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. My pleasure! So glad you’re able to use it!

  7. debbie Says:

    I liked the look of these legwarmers but I must have done something wrong. I made the 85 chains but when I started the rest of the pattern, I had about 12 chains leftover. In other words, my stitches didn’t add up. Any suggestions? Thanks

  8. I can’t see what you did, but it could have been a miss count. Do you have the ribbing at the top and bottom?? If you do, just fill in the extra 12 stithes with the pattern stitches. It’s a very forgiving pattern and you will be able to use up the 12 stitches that way.

  9. Just wanted to leave a quick THANK YOU! You have shared so many wonderful patterns and I wanted to let you know that I wholeheartedly appreciate the time you have invested in these! Thanks!

  10. Always my pleasure! I’m always thrilled when someone can use them! Happy Hookin’

  11. carol Says:

    Lovely design!! Half way through, nice easy stitch & looking great! Thankyou for sharing. x

  12. It’s my pleasure!

  13. Cille Says:

    Thank you, I’ve been looking for some crocheted leg warmers!

  14. My pleasure! So glad taht you are able to use the pattern!

  15. Esther Says:

    THANKS for the pattern, it looks great, can’t wait to give it a try

  16. Absolutely my pleasure!

  17. Linda Says:

    These look great! What is the approximate finished size? Thanks!

  18. Thank you so much for your interest in this pattern. They work out to about 24″ (give or take and depending on the yarn used). They are worked lengthwise, so you can make them shorter or longer by adding or deleting the starting ch by 2’s.

  19. Eva Says:

    Hello, I just want to tell you, that i absolutely LOVE this pattern! It was my very first item i made that wasn’t a blanket, hat or scarf. I made them as a gift for my cousin last christmas and she “rocked” them all winter. I am now making the draft dodger scarf for a co-worker for this christmas. Love it love it love it!

  20. That’s so sweet! Thank you so very much. Keep on Hookin!

  21. Bzybee Says:

    Great job!

  22. Thank you so very much!

  23. Tricia DeVito Says:

    I ,too, was looking for a leg warmer pattern and I searched for quite a while. I wanted to make them for my granddaughters but most of what I found was for infants and babies. I was excited to find this patter (for free even) and have made one already (1/2 pair). I juat want to say thanks and I’m sure I’ll be able to find more patterns that interest me. Happy Holidays.

  24. It’s truly my pleasure. I’m so pleased you are able to use the pattern…..LOL…the design was inspired by my granddaughters…..Happy Hookin’!

  25. Petrena Ash Says:

    is this pattern UK or US stitches, please?

  26. Thank you for your interest…..the pattern is written with US stitches.

  27. Diva Locks Says:

    Thank you for this pattern I made a pair for my daughter and they came out great! I love them and so does she!

  28. Thanks so much! I’m so glad you were able to use the pattern. Keep on Hookin’!

  29. Diva Locks Says:

    Here is a link to my verison I posted on my blog I hope I did you justice 🙂 http://www.divalocks10.com/2011/12/crocheted-leg-warmers.html

  30. Those are adorable! I love the little bows, they’re the perfect finishing touch. I hope you don’t mind, but I posted your picture and link on one of my pages. If you would rather not, I will remove it. http://wp.me/PcHQw-mT I love seeing the finished projects!

  31. Diva Locks Says:

    Thanks! Of course I don’t mind 🙂

  32. Cheryl Says:

    Thank you so for the pattern and adjustment info. I have a friend that wants to learn to crochet and wants leg warmers. I am encouraged by the comments here. As a widow, I really appreciatate that you let us have the pattern. I will try to let you know how it turns out.

  33. That’s wonderful! I always love seeing the finished projects……and I really love getting more people “hooked” on crochet!

  34. […] found this adorable pattern and modified it to fit the […]

  35. JanRenae Says:

    Thanks for this pattern. It looks warm, and practical, and won’t draw undue attention to this shy person. Will be trying this soon.

  36. My pleasure! So glad you may be able to use it! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you should have any questions. Happy Hookin!

  37. Sil in CNY Says:

    When my daughter asked for leg warmers I was surprised! I wore them myself in the late 70’s to early 80’s….I guess everything does come back in style eventually! I have one done and it looks great. This is an easy to follow pattern and I love the texture of the finished item. Thanks for the pattern!

  38. I’m so glad you’re able to use them! LOL……my granddaughters asked me! Who’d a thunk those would ever come back!

  39. newbie Says:

    What is the circumference of these? My gauge is different, so I’m trying to figure out how many rows to make.
    I love how they look so far!

  40. The guage is 6 st per 2 inches and 3 rows for 2 inches which makes the circumference about 12″ at the ribbing. These are designed to wear over pants……..for a more narrow circumference, just reduce the # of rows……also if they are for bare legs…..reduce the # of starting stitches….most who have made them for bare legs went with a starting ch of 65…….The yarn i used was Canadiana which is a 4 ply worsted wt, but really works more like a heavy sports wt……..Hope this helps…..

  41. […] to crochet (I’m better at crocheting than I am at knitting) and I stumbled upon these, the Draft Dodger Legwarmers. Besides having a pun-y name, The cuffs at the top and the bottom made me think, even though these […]

  42. newbie Says:

    thanks for your quick reply to my question! They turned out beautifully, and my little sister loves them. I’m making another pair for myself now 🙂

  43. My pleasure……you go girl!

  44. Teresa Says:

    I was wondering what size are these for? Thin adult, teenager, young girl? And thank you for this pattern.

  45. They are designed for Adult/Teen to wear over pants, but can easily be adapted to any size.

  46. Kim Says:

    Ok I might be blind but what is the ribbing of the leg Warmers? How many rows of what stitch?

  47. The ribbing is: sc(s) worked in the back loops…….the ribbing and the legwarmer is worked in one piece, lengthwise. The first 10 st(s) are worked as ribbing, then the pattern switches to the main legwarmer and then the last 10 st(s) are worked as ribbing.

  48. Kim Says:

    Thank you for reply I just thought in picture it looked more of a different pattern at the top and bottom so didn’t know if was something I missed reading it

  49. No problem. It is a bit unconventional.

  50. These are really cute! I can’t wait to try and make these legwarmers! Thanks for making the pattern free! 🙂

  51. It was my pleasure! So glad you’re able to use it! Happy Hookin’!

  52. Charlotte Says:

    You don’t by any chance have this pattern for 5 year olds, length 10″, calf 8 1/4″, ankle 6 1/4″? I love this pattern, but not sure what your finished size is. I would appreciate your expertise help, if you would be so kind. Thanking you in advance. By the way love your work!

  53. You could adapt this for a 5 year old…….If you went with a worsted wt yarn, cut the number of stitches and the number of rows.
    The pattern is worked in multiples of 2….so for instance (this is only an estimate-you may have to add or decrease rows)
    Rnd. 1: ch45, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in the next 6 ch, dc in next ch, *sc in next ch, dc in next ch* repeat from *to* 14 times, sc in last 7 ch, ch1 turn. 54 st

    Rnd. 2: working in back loops, sc in first 7 sc, working in both loops, *sc in next dc, dc in next sc*, repeat from *to* 14 times, working in back loops, sc in last 7 sc, ch1, turn.

    Rnds. 3-20: repeat rnd. 2, fasten off at end of rnd. 20, leaving long tail to sew center seam.

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  55. Alanna Says:

    how many yards do I need to make this?

  56. as shown, it took 10 1/2 oz or about 2000 yards…….

  57. Angela Says:

    It looks, in the picture, that one end is wider than the other…. Smaller at the ankle I’m assuming. How do you accomplish that or are both ends actually the same? I’m making them for my aunt, with skinny legs, and she actually wants them to go above her knee.

  58. They are the same. The design was to wear over pants, so if she has thin legs, reduce the # of rows. You may also want to use an F or G hook for the ribbing and a G or H hook for the body of the legwarmers.

  59. Angela Says:

    Ah…. Ok. Thank you so much!

  60. my pleasure………

  61. Doreen Says:

    is the ribbing part of the beginning rnd 1? i don’t see any mention of ribbing.. usually i see the word ribbing then you start so wanted to make sure i’m not missing anything…want to make for my granddaughter

  62. Yes, the first 10 stitches and the last 10 stitches will be the ribbing.

  63. Anita Says:

    Is the ribbing in the pattern and I’m missing it, or is it added after?

  64. The ribbing is worked in the first 10 and the last 10 stitches.

  65. Toni Says:

    Can’t wait to try this!!!! Question, could yarn size 4 worsted work the same??

  66. I don’t see why not………You may want to reduce the # of stitches in the starting ch (by 2’s) and just work the # rows until you reach the width that you need.

  67. barbara Says:

    where do i find the hat pattern

  68. Either one of these will match………

  69. Vicki Brown Says:

    Love the pattern…worked up quick…used sport weight yarn…G hook for the ribbing & I for the body…32 rows fits my kidlet fine at the “ankle” ribbing & body…but – the “top” ribbing needs to be larger around. Any suggestions to fix other than starting over?

  70. I’m afraid I don’t since it worked in one piece. There are a couple of ways to increase the ribbing at the top, but it does involve starting over……

  71. denaweb Says:

    Would you happened to have a pattern for a hat and fingerless gloves

  72. Christina Says:

    I have to say I was hesitant when my granddaughter came to me with the photo of your leg warmers and asked me to make them. I thought the pattern must be complicated as they look so nice!! Wow was I pleasantly surprised to see how easy they were to crochet and look so nice!! She has had many compliments on them 🙂 Thankyou for sharing the pattern with all of us, you’re brilliant!

  73. How sweet! Thank you so much. I’m thrilled that they worked out so well for you! Happy Hookin’!

  74. Bella Says:

    I don’t understand what I did wrong. I have trouble reading directions on patterns so try to stick to videos . I chained 85. I single crochet the first 10. Then it appeared I had to alternate for the next 30 stitches of single then double until 30 were done . Then 10 more single crochet. That’s 50 total done and I’m left with 35 of the remaining 85…what am I doing wrong ? The commas are making it difficult for me to distinguish what is a step and what’s part of a step

  75. I think the error is in the repeats…….after you ch85, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in the next 10 ch, that will give you 11 sc……..then,dc in next ch………then work the directions between the asterisks…..*sc in next ch, dc in next ch* repeat from *to* 30 times…….that will give you another 62 stitches because you need to work a sc in one ch and a dc in the next ch, so you are working those 2 stitches 30 times……then sc in last 10 ch, ch1 turn.    84 st

  76. Bella Says:

    @coblerscabin Got it:) thanks a bunch . 1 more question . I’m noticing that my leg warmer seems super long . It’s 40 inches and I have 8 rows done 😔 I’m using a 5mm hook . The warmers look pretty fitted in the picture . I suppose mine are going to be super bunchy or looking like they were made for a giraffe 🤐

  77. LOL……they were desined to fit over pants and to be a bit buncy (for those cold football games), You could reduce the starting ch to 65 and reduce the number of rows it you would like them to be more “fitted”.

  78. Bella Says:

    @coblerscabin Thanks 🙌I’ll try reducing my chain to 65. My tension is pretty loose and light I guess really isn’t helping with making these stretch to the hip 😅

  79. Cassie Says:

    Do you stop adding in the ribbing at any point? Like is there a certain row where you stop adding the 10 stitches at the beginning and end and just work the body?

  80. The ribbing is worked in each row…..the legwarmers are worked lengthwise instead of widthwise……

  81. Angie Says:

    I have someone who would like these as an over the knee pattern. I understand I can adjust the length in the pattern to accommodate this change, but how would you adjust the thigh width down to ankle width?

  82. Depending on how much adjustment is needed……..for instance…….if you use the ch85 as in the directions (this will bring you over the knee)…….and you want it wider at the top……..working top down……..work pattern in first 64 st, ch1, turn, leave remaining sts unworked……then work the pattern back to the top of the ribbing…….then ch1, turn and work the pattern as written…..but the last 20 sts would be worked in the previous row where the sts were skipped. Do this every few rows or so and this will give you a wider top and smaller bottom.

  83. Yvette Says:

    Can this be worked in rounds to avoid stitching?

  84. it can…..starting at bottom, work the ribbing to the correct width – even # as pattern stitches are worked in 2’s………..this part is worked flat…..then work the pattern stitches for each row to the desired length…..this part is joined…..then work the top ribbing…….you can use fpdc and bpdc for ribbing if prefered and that can be joined. The starting ch would be 36 if you need the same width…..however, this pattern is designed to go over pants……..so you may want to reduce the starting ch…….

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