Christmas Ornaments-Free Pattern

Candy Cane Ornament     

Easy thread ornaments for your Christmas Tree!

candy caneAlso available as a free PDF download : download now









Skill Level:   Easy

Supplies: size 3 and 4 steel crochet hook; two pipe cleaners,  small amount of red and white size 10 cotton crochet.

Stitches used: slst (slip stitch), ch (chain), sc (single crochet).


Directions for Small Candy Cane:  Size 4 steel crochet hook

Rnd. 1: with white, ch55, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across; ch 1, turn.    54sc

Rnd. 2: with red: sc in first sc and in each sc across; ch1, turn.    54sc

Rnd. 3: repeat rnd. 2.

Rnds. 4 and 5: with white; repeat rnd. 2.    54sc

Rnd. 6: with red: repeat rnd. 2.     54sc

Rnd. 7: insert pipe cleaner and fold candy cane in half over the pipe cleaner (pipe cleaner will longer than candy cane); going through both thickness of candy cane, slst in each sc; fasten off.  Trim excess off of the ends of the pipe cleaner.  Bend into a candy cane shape.

Large:  Follow the directions for the small candy cane, switch to a size 3 steel crochet hook.

© July, 2007 Pattern may not be reprinted, republished or resold without express written permission.

Ice Skates Ornaments

ice skates

Free PDF available: download now









Skill Level:  Easy

Supplies: size 3 steel crochet hook,  about 20 yds of size 10 white cotton crochet thread,  two-2” paper clips, needle and thread, small amount of Bernat Boa Nouveau, small amount of polyester fiberfill.

Stitches used: ch (chain), sc (single crochet), scdec (decrease single crochet).


Directions:-Make 4

Rnd. 1: ch25, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across; ch1, turn.    24 sc

Rnd. 2: sc in each sc; ch1, turn.      24 sc

Rnds. 3-9: repeat rnd. 2.    24 sc

Rnd. 10: sc in first sc and sc in next 8 sc; ch1, turn.      9 sc

Rnds. 11-17: repeat rnd. 10.       9 sc

Rnd. 18: scdec over first 2 sc, sc in next 5 sc; scdec over last 2 sc; ch1, turn.   7 sc

Rnd. 19: scdec over first 2 sc; sc in next 3 sc; scdec over last 2 sc; fasten off.     5 sc

Put 2 skate bodies together, with needle and thread, whip stitch across bottom of skate.  Slide a paper clip on to the bottom of the skate.  Fold skate in half over the paper clip and whip stitch up both sides of skate.  Stuff the skate with fiberfill and whip stitch the top closed.

Attach Bernea Boa at the top of the skate and sc across the top of the skate going through both thickness, fasten off.

Repeat this process for the second skate.

For individual hanging, thread string or a ribbon through the back center of skate and tie ends.

For hanging as a pair: attach thread to the top, back center of skate, ch to the desirable length with last ch going into the top back center of the second skate.  Fasten off.

© July, 2007  Pattern may not be reprinted, republished or resold without express written permission.


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