Floral Napkin Rings and Placemats-Pattern

Picture1Floral Napkin Rings in 4 Styles.  Get all 4 in one pattern package.

PDF download available for $3.50       buy now                                                                                                Carnation Napkin RingMum Napkin RingMum Napkin Ring 2Primrose Napkin Ring 2Primrose Napkin RingSnow PuffSnow Puff 2

Set an elegant table with matching placemates made using size 10 crochet thread.  Pattern available in PDF format for $3.50.

CarnationCarnation MatMumMum MatPrimrosePrimrose Mat


Diamond Placemats

Quick and easy placemats made with cotton yarn and thread trim.   Great with the matching napkin rings.  You can add the flowers or trim around without the flowers.

Pattern available in PDF format-$5.00

denim 4denim 2Primrose PlacematMum PlacematCarnation Placemat

5 Comments on “Floral Napkin Rings and Placemats-Pattern”

  1. shonte Says:

    This is really cute. Would you mind emailing the pattern to me once your able to upload it.


  2. Chriss Says:

    Hey this is really an awesome idea!! I think if you made the piece you wrap around the napkin longer it would look really awesome as neck wear!!!

    Just a spin on your lovely idea!


  3. Very clever! I had considered something like a hair wrap for a pony tail , but your idea is a winner! I’ll have to work on that one!

  4. Lak Says:

    Would love to have this pattern… Please email me when u get this uploaded…

  5. Neva Says:

    You have made such a great idea! I only wish that you publish this pattern. I love it!

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