Draft Dodger Scarf-Free Pattern

Super simple pattern that is so easy to customize for width and length.  Don’t forget to check out the matching hat, legwarmers and slippers.  Also available in the same stitch pattern-Men’s Mitts on a string and a cap which can be adjusted for size, too.

Happy Hookin’!

PDF Download available at:   download now

Skill Level:   Easy                 

Supplies: Size H/8/5mm Crochet Hook,  3½ oz. (Canadiana Yarn used in prototype), yarn needle.

Stitches Used: slst (slip stitch), ch (chain), sc 9single crochet), dc (double crochet).

Gauge: 6 st = 2”, 3 rows = 2”



Rnd. 1: ch17, sc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in next ch, *sc in next ch, dc in next ch*, repeat from *to* 6 times, ch1, turn.        16st

Rnd. 2: sc in first dc, dc in next sc, *sc in next dc, dc in next sc*, repeat from *to* 6 times, ch1 turn.       16st

Repeat rnd. 2 until scarf is desired length, fasten off on final rnd, weave in ends.

Picot Edge-optional

Attach yarn in first stitch on end of scarf, (sc, ch3, slst in top of sc) in next st, sc in next st, *(sc, ch3, slst in top of sc) in next st, sc in next st*, repeat from *to* 6 times, fasten off, weave in ends.

© December 2009   Pattern may not be reprinted or resold without express written permission.


80 Comments on “Draft Dodger Scarf-Free Pattern”

  1. This is really a pretty pattern. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s my pleasure!

  3. karin hudson Says:

    yes, very pretty pattern. so nice that im trying to make it now and im not seeing it in my work. is it loose or in side the stitch or back loop only … what am i missing ?

  4. The pattern is worked in alternating a sc over a dc and dc over a sc…..it is worked through both loops. So, every time you turn to a new rnd, you’ll be working a sc in a dc and a dc in a sc. Try not to work your stitches too tight. Without seeing your scarf, it’s hard for me to say what is happening. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

  5. Denise S Says:

    Karin, I just discovered that sometimes a certain pattern will not show up depending on the type of yarn you use. I made a baby blanket with Simply Soft and it was very soft but the pattern never really developed (I must have frogged a dozen times). I am making the same blanket with worsted weight and it is right there.

  6. Gloria Says:

    Got this pattern this morning on the daily crocheter, and needed a scarf for a friend, so decided to try this pattern and it is so easy, and looks so good, but I think I will make it longer than just one skein of yarn since she is a very tall gal. Thanks for the pattern.

  7. Thank you so much. It’s my pleasure!

  8. Mrs M Says:

    I love this pattern and have been crocheting for several years and my scarf is nice but looks nothing like yours even with the correct yarn. Is this the right photo for these directions?

  9. Gloria Says:

    Mrs M.
    I am using a dark color and I don’t see the pattern as well unless I stretch it and I think on a lighter color yarn the pattern would show up alot better and I am going to make it in a lighter color next time, but I do like this pattern, but it is denser looking than the picture.

  10. Thank you for your interest in the pattern. It should show a subtle
    texture….like tiny bumps. It’s created by working the sc over the dc and
    the dc over a sc. The darkest color that I ever used with this pattern was
    a medium gray. Now you’ve got me interested….I’ll have to try it in a
    darker color! I think the denseness may be in the yarn…..I used Paton’s,
    it’s a 4 ply acrylic, but seems to be a bit lighter than Bernat or Red
    Heart. Caron’s Simply Soft even seems to be a lighter 4 ply.
    Best Wishes,

  11. Thank you for the interest in the pattern. It is the correct picture. I used Paton’s, which seems to be a “lighter” 4 ply acrylic yarn. There is a slight texture that is created when working the sc over the dc. With this stitch group, I do keep the stitches a little loose. I think that makes the texture a bit more noticeable, though it is a very subtle texture. If you’re using something like Bernat or Red Heart or Lion Brand or Vanna’s or something similar in weight, perhaps a larger hook will give you the results you’re looking for.

  12. Gloria Says:

    Hi me again, lol, well although I like the look of the denser pattern, I am using Lion Brand yarn and so I decided to go up to a J hook, and the pattern is very visible now, not so dense, and I think I like it better. I also did a swatch on a sport weight with the I hook and it really looks good, so I think personally you have to play with the size hook for the yarn you are using until you are happy. Just my 2¢ but hope it helps

  13. I think you are right. For a scarf, I like the lighter look with these stitches, for a sweater, I like the dense look. So glad it’s working out for you. Thank you so much for your feedback, it’s certainly appreciated.

  14. Mrs M Says:

    Thanks, I played with this myself last night. I am using the Vanna yarn in the dusty blue and I tried it with both a K hook and an N hook and it does make it a much lighter feel and a softer look.

  15. That’s great! Thanks for the update. I love the Vanna yarn! I’m not sure why one 4 ply worsted weight is heavier than the next….must be one of those little mysteries of crochet!

  16. karen Says:

    I’ve made three of these with a DK cashmere and silk yarn. They are beautiful and warm! I trimmed each by crocheting in a variegated ribbon and adding ribbon fringe instead of the picot. I also found a hat pattern that uses some of the same stitch and fingerless gloves. THANK YOU so much for the pattern.
    It has also been suggested to me that one can use two skeins or balls at a time for an even warmer, thicker look, which I may do with a less expensive yarn. Again, thanks! Everyone will be happy at Christmas. 🙂

  17. Those must be absolutely gorgeous! How lucky are they to be on your Christmas list!

  18. Debbie Says:

    I want to thank you for the beautiful pattern. I am making scarves for the homeless and have made a half dozen using yarn I found at Goodwill. I have made different weights and different widths using your pattern. It is such an easy pattern that I don’t have to bring the printed copy with me. Recently my hubby and I went to So. CA for a funeral and I brought my crocheting with me. I finished 3 scarves while we were there. The pattern is nice and warm and I have used two different yarns together to make a bulkier warmer scarf. Again THANK YOU for sharing this.

  19. My pleasure! I’m so glad that you were able to put it to such good use! Thank you so very much for letting me know.

  20. Lei Says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful pattern. I started my scarf last night and it is almost to the halfway mark. The pattern is easy to follow and has been a joy to work with. I can’t wait to try my hand at another one using different types of yarn. What a blast! Thanks again!

  21. My pleasure! Enjoy!

  22. Linsey Says:

    Hello! Love the pattern, I can’t wait to get started. Do you know if a bulky weight yarn would work? I have a bunch of really soft alpaca bulky yarn.
    Also, to add or decrease the width, do I just minus 2 or add 2 to the ch 17? Thank you!


  23. It will look awesome in a bulky, and you are correct, the pattern repeat is 2 stitches and you can increase or decrease in increments of 2.

  24. toni Says:

    Great scarf pattern, Thanks for sharing. I made one as a gift and now I’m making one for myself

  25. Thank you so much! Enjoy!

  26. ashley Says:

    Thank you for posting this pattern. I have been looking for a quick easy yet beautiful pattern. Love how this one turned out. Did it in redheart heather gray with the picot edging. It turn out wonderfully. Thank you again.

  27. My pleasure, I’m so glad it worked out for you!

  28. Deborah Masucci Says:

    I saw your pattern and thought it was beautiful. I was wondering if I could use this yarn that I have left over from another project. It is Lorna,s Shepherd Sport yarn it says that it is a number 2 fine even though it says sport. Also what size needle should I start with since I do crochet tighter and always have to go a size larger than a pattern calls for. Thanks again for the pattern. Will wait for your reply

  29. You will need to check guage, but I would think a size F or G hook will work just fine. It will probably work out to about 6 stitches per inch, so you may want to start with a ch 37, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Then follow for pattern working a sc in each dc, and a dc in each sc.
    You could also work with 2 strands and an I hook and follow the pattern as written. I think either way will give you very nice results. Good Luck!

  30. i love this pattern. Thanks for sharing….

  31. Thank you so much! It was my pleasure!

  32. Mrs.Doom Says:

    This has made such a lovely scarf! Thank you so much for sharing it! I made mine with Berroco Lustra in Rodin Bronze. The stitch detail is amazing! Thank you again!

  33. My pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to let me know. Happy Hookin’!

  34. […] Draft Dodger Scarf-Free Pattern « Cobblerscabin's Weblog. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

  35. Helen Says:

    Love the scarf – beautiful – can’t wait to try it. Tk u for sharing your pattern with everyone.

  36. I’m so glad you’re able to use it! Happy Hookin’!

  37. Joanne Bailey Says:

    I have made this lovely scarf and gave it to my step daughter…now my daughter would like a (cowl style) all around her arms, bodice and back. I have so many ideas but nothing is happening…her friend made one for her but it was knitted that got wider at the bottom…(i don’t knit).
    have any ideas for a quick an easy pattern!!!! 😉
    Thank you for any help…jo;)

  38. If you like the stitch pattern, you could use the same pattern…….ch 151 (3 sc per inch gauge-50″ cowl), ch 1 turn, sc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in next ch……continue across, join to beginning sc, ch 1, turn. 150 st You can add or decrease the starting ch to achieve the width that you like.
    2. sc in first dc, dc in next sc, *sc in next dc, dc in next sc*, repeat across, join to beginning sc, ch 1, turn. 150 st
    Continue rnd. 2 until it’s the length that you like.

    If you use a bulky yarn…….reduce the starting ch……it really is very pretty and warm and works up fast because the yarn is so thick!

    There are some here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#craft=crochet&query=cowl%2C%20free&page=1&view=captioned_thumbs&sort=best

  39. Lydia Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful! But my work doesn’t look like the picture :(. Anyways, it’s pretty the way I made it.

  40. Thank you so much……LOL….for the picture, I cheat….I stuffed the bag so the stitches will stand out.

  41. patti Says:

    easy….fast pattern….the texture/pattern in the stitches came right away for me……I so like the way it looks that I want to do a throw with this stitch!!!!!

  42. Thank you so much! It’s one of my favorites! I’ve done a blanket, hat, sweater and mittens with this. I never get tired of it!

  43. Deb Says:

    Would this pattern work for a man if I made it in dark grey?

  44. It would! You may want to make it a little longer and omit the picot edge. I also have a cap and mittens for men that would match-same stitch pattern:

  45. Louise Says:

    Thought I recognized the scarf. Glad to find it. Years ago I was looking through mom’s old Workbasket magazines. Think was dated December 50’s or 60’s. Found a scarf pattern for a man’s scarf and made a brown one for dad’s birthday. Can’t find it now and want to make more. This is the pattern!! Thank you. Like the picot edge for ladies.

  46. Thank you so much! Happy hookin’!

  47. cindy Says:

    I would like to make a wider scarf. What are the multiples in this?

  48. The pattern is made in multiples of 2 (plus 1 for turning).

  49. I’m making it in a pretty red (Michael’s Soft -like Caron’s Simply Soft, but prettier). It looks Great! I also made my son one in Hobby Lobby’s Love that Yarn ( in a guy looking Forrest Stripe )&, another one in a blue Tweed for a friend(man)…looked Great for a man…no picot of course 😊. I love the texture …so nice ☺️, &, yummy warm feeling. A hat is next with this stitch pattern.

  50. Thank you so much! LOL…..I also have matching Hat and Men’s Mitts on a String for the guy that has everything!

  51. Louise Says:

    Do you have a hat pattern?

  52. Michele Says:

    I am using this pattern in a blanket for a baby blanket. It is such a nice pattern! I have been trying to figure out the name of the stitch. I find nothing that tells the name of the stitch. Would you mind it I call it the Cobblers stitch? Cabin stitch? Cobblers Cabin stitch?

  53. LOL……I’m honored! I’m not sure there is a name for it. Leaning towards Cobbler’s St

  54. Linda Says:

    I just wanted to thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity! You are so very talented-wish some of it would rub off on me.
    Hugs, Linda

  55. You’re so sweet! Thank you! LOL….the more you do….the better you will get…..feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions. Happy Hookin’!

  56. Pinemom Says:

    I made this scarf for my friend but she would like a matching hat in a slouchy style… Nothing like the men’s hat…. How would I modify the men’s hat to make it more slouchy???

  57. You could use the pattern for the MioMi Hat https://cobblerscabin.wordpress.com/happy-hookin/free-crochet-pattern-miomi-slouch-beret/
    but instead of working the pattern stitches for the hat as written, work the pattern stiches that are used in the Draft Dodger set.

  58. CallingCard Says:

    Very pretty! I wonder if you can tell us why it’s called a “draft dodger” scarf? I’m curious!

  59. LOL……when you wear this scarf …… you’ll be able to dodge all those drafts that blow down the collar of your coat……

  60. CallingCard Says:

    LOL! Duh…shouldn’t have known it 😉 Thanks for explaining.

  61. ilehlia Says:

    So glad to know you’re still here and still answering comments! I downloaded the pdf about 6 years ago, and had some of the same questions as others. I’m also not seeing the texture the way yours shows in the photo, with what almost looks like rows of eyelets against the dark background. But now I know it’s my yarn, which is rather fuzzy. I too was wondering about the name! Now I know! Thanks for the pattern!

  62. Thank you so much for your very kind comments. It’s always my pleasure. Depending oon the yarn used, this stitch combo will give various results. It’s actually one of my favorites. Happy Hookin!

  63. ilehlia Says:

    Thanks! I just noticed that Michele from a year ago asked about the name of the stitch. I have a leaflet #555 from Leisure Arts for a sampler afghan that uses 63 different crochet stitches. This one is in it, and they call it Up And Down Stitch.

    I have another question, and it’s about the picot edging. The repeat section says to work “sc, ch 3, sl st” in the top of every sc. Is that correct that you start with a sc in the top of the sc? How do you do that? Thanks for your assistance.

  64. It should read: Attach yarn in first stitch on end of scarf, (sc, ch3, slst in top of sc) in next st, sc in next st, *(sc, ch3, slst in top of sc) in next st, sc in next st*, repeat from *to* 6 times, fasten off, weave in ends.

  65. ilehlia Says:

    Never mind, I just figured it out! I was reading it as if you did all that in the same sc. When I tried it and saw how it looked compared to the photo, I realized I had to do a sc between the picots! All is well now. 🙂

  66. ilehlia Says:

    Thanks for your reply. I didn’t refresh the page before I sent my last comment, so I didn’t realize you had answered. I’ve finished it and it looks nice! The texture does show up after some length has been made.

  67. My pleasure…….

  68. Katherine Reighley Says:

    Where can I find the matching hat to the draft dodger scarff?

  69. June Jensen Says:

    for some reason I am really having problems with this pattern. I have crocheted for many years and have done pretty difficult patterns so I really feel like a idiot. Im not sure how to tell where to put the alternating stitch. For example, If Im to crochet a single in a double in the previous row I cant tell exactly where Im suppose to make that stitch. Im not sure how to word this question so you probably cant figure out what I mean. Do you put the stitch in what almost looks like a chain stitch between stitches. I know there isnt any chain between stitches but thats what it looks like. I cant see a place to put it right in the stitch in previous row. Also does the last double goe right into the last stitch. When I begin a row if I put the first stitch into the first double crochet it indents that row so that the edges arent even. Im doing something wrong because I start with 21 chains and usually end with a single crochet. I have restarted this so many times and Im so frustrated. I should be able to understand such a simple pattern. I hope this makes some sence to you. I only have a couple of days to make this

  70. The stitches should work our evenly. the sc is placed in the top of the dc as usual and the dc is placed into the top of the sc. The pattern is worked in multiples of 2, so if you start with a ch21, then sc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in next ch and so on that should give youa total of 20 stitches. Going with an even number of stitches, the last st would always be a dc.

  71. Linda Says:

    How can I reproduce this. Whose permission do I need.

  72. Thank you for asking. No permission is needed to make items from my patterns and please feel free to sell anything that you make with them.

  73. Jutta Holden Says:

    This is beautiful and simple! Thank you for sharing!

  74. My pleasure……

  75. Patricia Oneal Says:

    I just finished making the scarf but I made it wider (25 chains) and 6′ long. I made it in solid white and the pattern shows up beautifully. Thanks for the pattern!

  76. My pleasure, so glad it worked out for you!

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