Patterns Available at Maggie’s Crochet



Some of my favorite patterns are available at:

You’ll find quality patterns, books and supplies at reasonable prices and always great customer service.

Sweater and Pants Set   Doll Wardrobe        American GirlAmerican GirlAmerican Girl   American Girl    

                                                                                                                       Muk LuksMuk Luks for the Family                                Bride Spool Doll  Cone Bride Doll                      Snowball Christmas Tree  Tree       Christmas Wreaths   Wreaths                                                                                  sweater setblanketInfant Sweater SetPuppy Ponchos Puppy PonchosSnowman Container Snowman Container



Picture 003pink-hat-side1green-hat-side1Infant Bonnet and Muff Set Infant Hats



leprechaun 6leprechaun 5leprechaunbunny 3bunny 2bunny

snowmansnowman 2santasanta 4pumpkin 3pumpkin 2 Frank N Stein

Bootie Buddies for the Holidays



blu stripegreen chevronwhite shag Fluffy Shag Rugs

floral rug 2 Pansy Rug



trio treestall treesm treemed treelg tree



3-WayStacking Christmas Tree

2 Comments on “Patterns Available at Maggie’s Crochet”

  1. Bootie Buddies for the Holidays Says:

    can I please het the patterns for these there very cute thank you .

  2. This pattern will be available soon at I’m not exactly sure when it will be listed, but should be ready in plenty of time for the holidays, many thanks, Carol

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