AG Bath Time-Robe and Slipper Set-Pattern

Adorable crochet pattern for the American Girl’s bath time!  Set includes robe, slippers and bath turban. 

Pattern available at Maggie’s Crochet.
Skill Level: Intermediate

Supplies Used: Size H and F crochet hook, 8 ounces Red Heart Plush (worsted weight), yarn needle, (optional-25 yards size 20 coats opera thread, size 10 steel crochet hook)

Stitches Used: ch, sl st, sc, dec sc, lp st st (loop stitch-loosely wrap yarn twice around 1 finger,  pull loops through, yo, pull loop through), pc (popcorn-holding last loop back of each dc, work 5 dc, yo, pull through all loops on hook)

Gauge: with H hook-3 sc = 1 inch, 3 sc rows = 1 inch.

15 Comments on “AG Bath Time-Robe and Slipper Set-Pattern”

  1. Cheryle Says:

    I was looking for the AG Bath-Time Robe and Slipper Set at Maggies and didn’t see it there. Is it still sold there?

    Thank You!

  2. Cheryle:
    Thank you for your interest in the AG Bath Time set. That pattern was just sold to Maggie’s and she has not posted it yet. She should have it available in a week or so.

  3. Cheryle Says:

    Okay…thanks! I’ll keep looking for it!

  4. Cheryle Says:

    Still not there….heard anything about it?

  5. When you get a chance, check your email………

  6. Barbara Says:

    I am also looking for the beautiful AG Bath- Time Robe and Slippers!!! Anywhere I might be able to purchase it? Xmas is coming 🙂
    Thanks, Barbara

  7. Thank you so much for your interest in the Robe Set. Maggie’s Crochet now has the Publisher’s rights and it should be posted very soon on her site at

  8. Nancy Says:

    I have been checking on Maggie’s Crochet for the AG Robe set. It is still not posted. Christmas is just around the corner.
    Thanks, Nancy

  9. please check your email when you get a chance……Happy Hookin’!

  10. Barbara Says:

    Faithfully checking at Maggies, no pattern yet. I’m afraid I won’t have time to make this pattern before Xmas. Just bought 2 AG dolls…HELP PLEASE

  11. Please check your email when you get a chance. HoHoHo!

  12. Shannon Says:

    I have been checking Maggie’s site and haven’t seen anything – do you know when it will post?

  13. Not sure….I thought it would be posted by now. I sent you an email with more information.

  14. I can” t find the pattern for this, went to maggies site and i bounced back here

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