AG Sun Dress Set-Free Pattern

sundress sundress-2sundress-3 sundress-4

American Girl Sundress Outfit

 Really cute when paired up with a little white T shirt! 

Free PDF download available at:  download now

Skill Level:   Intermediate

Supplies:  2½ oz color 1-Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, 2oz color 2-Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, F/5/3.75mm, G/6/4mm and H/8/5mm crochet hooks, 2-5/8″ button, Optional-5 satin roses, 40 inches of 1½” ruffled lace (any trim can be used)

Stitches Used: ch (chain), slst (slip stitch), sc (single crochet), dc (double crochet), fpdc (front post double crochet), bpdc (back post double crochet), shell (2dc, ch1, 2dc)

(Note: beginning ch3 counts as first dc)

Gauge: 4 sc per inch, 4 rows per inch


Directions for Dress-G hook

Rnd. 1: ch44, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, ch5, turn.    43sc

Rnd. 2: sc in each sc across, ch1, turn.    43sc

Rnd. 3: repeat rnd. 2.    43sc

Rnd. 4: sc in each sc across, ch5, turn.    43sc

Rnds. 5-6: repeat rnd. 2.    43sc

Rnd. 7: sc in each sc across, join to beginning sc.   43sc

Rnd. 8: change to H hook, color 2, attach yarn, ch3, skip next sc, *shell in next sc, skip next sc*, repeat from *to* 20 times, join with slst to beginning dc, do not turn (in this and following rnds.)     21 shells

Rnd. 9: ch3, *shell in ch-1 sp of next shell*, repeat from *to* 20 times, join.   21 shells

Rnds. 10-13: repeat rnd. 9.     21 shells

Straps-color 1-F hook

Rnd. 1: With right side facing, attach yarn at 5th ch from left, center, back of dress, ch3, dc in next 2 ch, ch3, turn.    3dc

Rnd. 2: fpdc in next dc, dc in next dc, ch3, turn.    3dc

Rnd. 3: bpdc in next dc, dc in next dc, ch3, turn.    3dc

Rnds. 4-13: repeat, alternating rnds. 2 and 3, fasten off at end of rnd. 13 leaving a 12” tail.

2nd Strap

Rnd. 1: with right side facing, attach yarn at 8th ch from right center back, ch3, dc in next 2 dc, ch3, turn.     3dc

Rnds. 2-13: repeat rnds. 2-13 of left strap.

Whip stitch right strap at 16th to 18th ch.

Whip stitch left strap at 27th to 29th ch.

Matching buttons to ch-5-buttonholes, sew buttons in place. Sew lace around bodice top, sew 1 rose to each strap.

Directions for Shoes-Make 2-F hook-color 1

Rnd. 1: ch6, 2sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 3 ch, 3sc in next sc, working down back loops, sc in next 4 ch, join with slst to beginning sc.    12sc

Rnd. 2: ch1, sc in first sc, 2sc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next sc, sc in next sc, 2sc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next sc, join to beginning sc.    16sc

Rnd. 3: ch1, sc in first sc, 2sc in next 2 sc, sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next  2sc, sc in next sc, 2sc in next 2 sc, sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next 2 sc, join with slst to beginning sc.       24sc

Rnd. 4: ch1, working in back loops, sc in each sc around, join with slst to beginning sc.            24sc

Rnd. 5: ch1, sc in each sc around, join with slst to beginning sc.    24sc

Rnd. 6: ch1, sc in first 8 sc, scdec over next 2 sc (4 times), sc in next 8 sc, join with slst to beginning sc.     20sc

Rnd. 7: sc in each sc around, join with slst to beginning sc, ch1.    20sc

Rnd. 8: ch18, slst in first sc, ch1, slst in 18 ch, join with slst to beginning sc of previous rnd, fasten off.

Hat-H hook

Rnd. 1: ch2, work 8sc in 2nd ch from hook, do not join this or following rnds, mark beginning sc.   8sc

Rnd. 2: 2sc in each sc.   16sc

Rnd. 3: *sc in next sc, 2sc in next sc*, repeat from *to* around.    24sc

Rnd. 4: sc in each sc.     24sc

Rnd. 5: *sc in next 2 sc, 2sc in next sc*, repeat from *to* around.    32sc

Rnd. 6: *sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next sc*, repeat from*to* around.    40sc

Rnds. 7-10: repeat rnd. 4.    40sc

Rnd. 11: sc in each sc around, join with slst to beginning sc, ch1, do not turn.   40sc

Rnd. 12: working in front loops, sc in each sc around, join with slst to beginning sc, ch3.    40sc

Rnd. 13: dc in same st, *2dc in next sc*, repeat from *to* 38 times, join with slst to top of beginning ch3.      80dc

Rnd. 14: dc in each dc around, join with slst beginning dc, fasten off.

Sew lace and roses as shown or trim as desired.

 © Feb. 2009  pattern may not be reprinted, republished or resold without express written permission.

70 Comments on “AG Sun Dress Set-Free Pattern”

  1. Sandy Taylor Says:

    Is there a pattern for the crochet hat on the AG doll with the sundress? I downloaded the pattern, but would like the hat also. Thanks, Sandy

  2. It should be on page 3 and 4 of the pattern download. It looks like the complete file did load, but if not, I can reload it. I also sent you an email with the pattern attached.

  3. Nedra aka Nana Says:

    I, too, am making clothes for my granddaughter’s American Girl Doll. I have made the sundress and we love it, but I am not having good luck with the hat and shoes. I have gotten to rnd 4 on the hat w/24 sc and the directions tell me to repeat rnd 2, which is 2 sc in ea. sc. The directions say that should still be 24 sc. If I sc in ea. 24 sc that would be 48. Where am I going wrong? I can’t get past the first round with the shoes. Am I starting with the sole and turning around the initial ch 6? I am stumped. Please help. We love your patterns.

  4. I am currrently without internet…..moving….yuk..on the shoes……you do work in the round off the first 6 ch, the pattern should read….ch 6, sc in same stitch, sc in next 3 sc, 3 sc i8n next sc, sc in last 4…..that should make the 12 sc…….on the hat…..I will have to recheck….as soon as I am back on line…..I will get you the corrections… sorry about that….I know what a pain an error can be!

  5. sharon binkley Says:


  6. JoDommer Says:

    Does anyone have some patterns for American doll–Bitty baby clothes?

  7. Jane Townsend Says:

    I’m looking for a simple single crochet blanket pattern for an American Doll. I need to know the size hook to use and how much sport weight yarn to use. And what would the finished size of it be? I’ve made an affhan fo my granddaughter and would like to make one for her American Doll to match, but do not know how to cut the size down for her doll. Thank you for whatever help you can provide. I need it finished by the end of this month, June, 2009.

  8. If you want to copy your grandaughters afghan….I would use infant wt. or sports wt. yarn and a F or E hook. For a 15 inch by 20 inch blanket with a gauge of 5 sc per inch and 5 sc rows per inch, you would need about: rnd. 1: ch 76, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across///rnd. 2: sc in each sc, ch 1, turn.
    Repeat rnd 2 about 100 times or to the desired length. With a gauge of 4 sc per inch, you would ch 61 to start…….hope this helps!

  9. Anna Nester Says:

    I am having trouble with round 4 of the hat — is it 48 stitches? Someone commented on this earlier. And then should the instructions read 8 sc in the next 2 sc of round 5? There is an asterisk missing in that round.

    The dress and shoes went together beautifully. I’m a new crocheter. I’m making this for my granddaughter as a surprise and hope to finish it before our trip to WA next week.

    Thank you

  10. Monica Says:

    This was so cute and quick to make.
    I used “I Love this Cotton” yarn by Hobby Lobby for a softer feel.

  11. I love working with “I Love This Cotton”! Since moving to the country, it’s so hard to come by until we go to the “big city”!

  12. I am having trouble with the hat. Rows 7-10: should I really be crocheting two sc’s in each sc for each row? It says that after I am done with row 10, I still only have 40 sc’s. I am confused!! 😉

  13. Elaine Cain Says:

    I, too, have to agree with Veronica Fish about Rows 7-10. I got the total of 40 stituches in row 6. I’m presuming that in rows 7-10 you single crochet in each stitch, without increasing. Then row 11 you single crochet again? I don’t have an American Girl doll to “model” what I’ve done so far, until Monday (hopefully my granddaughter will bring her’s). I’m going to do what the pattern says and see how it turns out…..definately will leave the marker in the last stitch of round 10. I may make two rows of double crochet for the brim to make it a bigger sunbonnet. I loved the sundress pattern. But, being my granddaughter just got her doll last week, I didn’t know the body was cloth. So, I sort of improvised the top to be covered completely. Haven’t tackled the shoes yet…..still thinking about it. lol
    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and happy crocheting! Even have my husband doing the laundry! Hey…I’m a grandmother of 9, and only married to my wonderful husband for two years…2nd marriage.

  14. Elaine Cain Says:

    I just read the pattern above. In rounds 7-10 it states: Rnds. 7-10: repeat rnd. 4. 40 sc
    Round 11 you slipstitch so that you can have a “baserow” (at least that’s what I call it) to so that you can crochet a sc in the FRONT loop only! Then continue on your merry way!

    Someone changed the pattern of the hat since I printed mine over a week ago!

    Ok…I think I’m unconfused now….hope everyone else is too!

    Happy Crocheting!!!

  15. The pattern was changed after my post so that rounds 7 – 10 repeat round 4 (sc only). I finished my hat and it is beautiful! I do not have a doll at home to model it; so I hope the outfit looks as beautiful as the pictures look with a doll. YIKES! I did not realize that American Girl dolls have a cloth body? How does that work?? Anyway, for those of you that try this whole outfit, it really is beautifu.

  16. Hi Veronica……glad the pattern worked out for you. The doll does have a fabric body. I did a blouse in cotton thread but did not write down that pattern. I hope to redo it soon and get that pattern posted. The dress can also be worked with a bib front instead of straps.
    You can eliminate the straps and work a “bib” type top in the front of the dress, working 8-10 sc across the front center, and decreasing by 2 sc in
    every-other row until you get down to either 2 or 4 sc, fasten off. For the neck tie……ch 3, work 2 dc in 2nd ch from hook, holding last loop
    back of each dc, then yo, pull through all loops on hook, ch 15, sc in next 2-4 sc on top, ch 18, work 2 dc in 2nd ch from hook, holding last loop back,
    yo, pull through all loops on hook and fasten off.
    Hope this helps!

  17. Dory Says:

    I am not the world’s greatest crocheter, but I love making these little clothes. I made the sundress outfit for my one granddaughter and am making a second one for my other granddaughter. I thought I would make them a little different by using the bib type you described to Veronica. I made the bib; however, I am at a loss as to what to do for the neck tie. I assume I attach the yarn to one side of the bib, then ch 3, etc. What do you mean by “holding last loop back of each dc, then yo, pull through all loops on hook?” In fact, I’m having a hard time understanding most of the neck tie instructions. They are always the hardest part for me. Does it just tie in the back? Any help would be appreciated. Sorry I’m so thick…

  18. Dory Says:


    Thank you so much for taking time to respond to my question. This makes perfect sense to me now and so easy. I was making it much more difficult than was necessary.

    I love the patterns you provide on your website. I’m making these little outfits for my granddaughters’ Christmas, to go along with the American Girl doll I have for each of them. They are going to be so excited! I have never had so much fun crocheting as I have with these clothes. So quick to do and such a sense of accomplishment when finished!!

    You are very gifted to be able to design these clothes!

    Thanks again,


  19. May I ask what the response to Dory’s question was? Thanks!

  20. Marti Says:

    I am new at this, I get 3- 5 pages of stuff besides the patterns – could you email me this pattern and the hat pattern. I am crocheting this set for my 4 granddaughters. also if I have a question about pattern, how do I ask you for the solution?

  21. I just sent the file. I have included my email address should you have any questions.

  22. Marti Says:

    THANK YOU for you quick reply. I am anxious to get started!!!!

  23. Veronica Fish Says:

    I just want everyone to know how beautiful all the clothes that Carol makes patterns for turn out beautifully!! I made outfits for our 5 granddaughters and all of their dolls for Christmas. And most of the patterns were from this website. Kudos!! And, thanks so much for being so talented and for sharing that talent!!

  24. What a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much for your glowing recommendation!

  25. Jann Hatch Says:

    I too, would like to recieve the pattern for the dress and hat. I love how it looks and am anxious to try to make it . I get alot of pages so this way i hope to just get the pattern. Thanks so much!

  26. Jann:
    It’s on the way and should be in your inbox shortly.

  27. I would really like to help you out, but I have so many commitments at this time that it makes it impossible.
    I will delete your previous post as it contains your personnal information.

  28. jlkrkng Says:

    was trying to get a pattern and it did not let me would like to know whats up with this sight?

  29. Not sure…..I just tried to download and it worked….perhaps you need to clear your cookies. If you still have a problem, let me know and I will email the file to you.

  30. Nancy Says:

    Dear Carol….thank you soooo much. I have sewn well over 250 pieces of AG doll clothes, for my granddaughters over the years, and I love to knit and crochet. This is now going to be an ongoing project. In the past 2 days I have made 2 hats, 2 pairs of flower slippers, 2 pairs of shoes, and 2 duffel bags. I am now going to start on the sundress. I have a friend whose little girl will also love these items, so one for my 11 year old granddaughter Madi and one for her!!

  31. You’ve been busy! I got “hooked” the same way……my granddaughters! Making the clothes gives the little dolls a huge wardrobe without the huge expense! Keep on hookin’!

  32. Natasha Says:

    I downloaded this cute pattern but there was no hat pattern! Could you please e-mail me the hat pattern…Thanks a bunch.

    My neice will be trhilled with the surprise…

  33. I will send it out Saturday when I return home…..the hat should be on the bottom of the pattern.

  34. Carol Says:

    I downloaded your wonderful pattern,no hat pattern could you e-mail it to me Thanks a lot.My granddaughters will love it.

  35. Carol, it’s on the way to your AOL address. Happy Hookin’!

  36. Jeanene Says:

    I love your patterns and my Grandaughter loves the clothes for her American Girl doll. Thanks so much for sharing.

  37. It’s truly my pleasure! I’m so glad you are able to use them.

  38. Carol Says:

    I sure would love the hat pattern. You said that you would e-mail it to me so far I have not received it. coluld you please try again.
    Thanks ,Carol

  39. Carol:
    Oh dear, you should have received it ions ago! I sent it off again, just as a Word file for the Hat only. I sent it to the AOL address. You may want to check your “trash box” for an email from cobblerscabin. With all the new security in place now, it may have gone there instead of your IN box. Let me know if you have any problem receiving it.

  40. Connie Boschert Says:

    Tried to get the American Girl Sundress Outfit patterns but only got 1 page with four pictures and a pattern that is for rounds 1 thru 6.

    Can you check this out.

  41. Thanks for letting me know. I sent the pattern via email and will also check out the link.

  42. Kathy Richards Says:

    Do you have daily or weekly emails that you send out?
    Would love to get them if you do. Just found it at the bottom of this email. Thanks.

  43. I’m sorry, I don’t. I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to do it.

  44. audrey Says:

    thanks for the free pattern the shoes are so cute…

  45. Stephanie Says:

    Such a cute pattern- I love the shoes! My only question is what color yarn you actually used. For the bottom half of the dress, is it a variegated yarn or did you use yellow and white yarn? Thanks!

  46. Thank you so much… was a variegated yarn…….it was a Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, the shoes and straps were a solid color.

  47. Stephanie Says:

    One more question- I was working on the bodice, and the button holes seem to be on opposite sides (unless I’m reading the pattern wrong). How do the buttons end up turning out? Are the holes supposed to be on the same side?

  48. The buttonholes are on opposite sides. Because of the ch 5 loops, the buttons create a “criss crossed” effect. The buttonholes can be placed on the same side, by moving the “ch 5, turn” to rnd. 5.

  49. Renee Says:

    Hi, I had a question about the shoes. Every time I try to make them, my seam of slip stitches goes gradually to the left, which makes it very diagonal. By the time I get to the row where I decrease, the stitches are very off-set and the shoe ends up looking crooked. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

  50. I cheat……when you join, work the first st of the next rnd. in the joining, I ususally mark the first st with a safety pin…….when you have completed the last stitch, skip the last sc on the previous rnd, then join to the first sc on the rnd. you are working. This keeps the center from creeping. Hope this helps.

  51. FOR ALL CROCHETERS; if you go to joann fabrics they have an 18 inch doll for $20. they have coupons every weekend. down load a coupon to print or pull it up on your smart phone when you are there. for $ 10- $12 after coupon, you can get one of these dolls. they have the same soft body as the American Girl. Keep one on hand ( funny, 64 years old and my first doll) LOL . hide it from the grandkids. It gives you a chance to size sizes, adjust, or just to see how something looks, if it works or if it dosen’t. I see a lot of comments here and other sites, where folks don’t have a test doll. On social security, I can’t afford $ 140 for AG, but I coild get the one at joanns for $12. It does make life easier for us.

  52. Can you please email me an updated pattern for the shoes and hat. there have been very many adjustment and questions. Do you think in the future you could change the main pattern , maybe putting the change in a different color? It would make it easier. I printed out a pattern from you the other day and I would up with over a dozen pages. It is a waste of money and trees, but often her I see ? and changes to a pattern on the comments only. I’m doing the pumpkin costume today. There are no comments behind the pattern, so hopefully it is perfect and didn;t need change.
    thank you so much for your patterns. This last few days, I have done the black cat, the pumpkin is almost done ( will be tonight) and I did a clown costume as well. My grandkids will be happy trick ot treaters tomorrow. Thank again and as always. God Bless.

  53. Good info! I got mine a few years ago…..the size is very close…….the feet (shoes) are a smidge smaller and the waistline is a smidge smaller, but it works very well and a bargain……

  54. The corrections had been made to the pattern some time ago, so it should be ok……..if you print from the website……just highlight the area you want to print….no need to print all the other stuff………the easiest way is to do the download……it’s in pdf format and will just download the pattern…..Another trick is to delete the pictures before you print…… can go to your printer file and select “text only”…….saves a ton in color ink!

  55. thanks for the hint about the pic. I have download pdf 4 or 5 times, and DON”T LAUGH but I don’t know where they go or how to find them. What can I say, I’m an old dog trying to learn new tricks. By the way, I designed a very simple and very nice looking pattern for leg warmers and or leggings. I will be happy to send it to you, if you tell me where to type it so you will know to look there for it. it is a design that I came up with in 1973 for my daughters Barbie and it switched to yarn and an f hook vey nicely. Quite a few people have reslly been stunned and suprised looking at them and they take very little time to make. I proabely sold well over 100 pair of these back then and now have 5 people that want mutiple pairs for the AG. As always, God Bless and have a good day. Ps, I also have a fanstatic reciept for my Grandmothers stuffed green pepper soup. very easy and oohh so good. After this cold spell with Frankenstorm or whatever they called it, I am ready for that soup. If you like stuffed green peppers, you will love this. only take the time to fry the hamburger to put it together. just a couple of things to cut while it is frying. let me know.

  56. Oooooooh! I love stuffed peppers! Do you use rice in yours? I never had them in a soup! If you’d like to send the pattern in a word file, I can transfer it to pdf and post it if you’d like to share with everyone or if you are on Revelry, you can post it there. I don’t have any Barbie patterns at all! An easy way to find a pdf download……..when you get the little box that asks if you want to open or save…….click open………when it opens……look at the top, you will see a little pic of a computer disk….clik that…..then you will get a thingy that pops up and says “save as”………I usually just pick “my documents” and it will fall in there. Some computers have a “download file” and anything you do download will fall in there. I can also send you any pattern you like via email. I can also send them in Word format if you like that format better……that way if you need to add notes or make adjustments you can do it right in the file and save it. My pc skills are not great. It still takes me forever to get things uploaded!

  57. crochetchick Says:

    I love this outfit, thank you! I have only finished one shoe so far, but it turned out so well. I plan on making the rest of the set for my younger cousins and their AG dolls.

  58. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so thrilled that you took the time to let me know. Truly appreciated. I’m so glad you were able to use the pattern!

  59. crochetchick Says:

    No problem! Yesterday I also finished the dress and other shoe, and I only need one more round for the hat. It turned out so adorable! I had no issues following the pattern. Thanks again!

  60. My pleasure! Always!

  61. Thank you for this pattern. I tried looking for the directions for the shell stitch but can not find them. Can you help me with this? I know how to do a general shell stitch but wanted to follow the pattern. Thanks so much Linda

  62. My pleasure! shell (2dc, ch1, 2dc)

  63. I Love your patterns. I want to make the AG Sundress set. Can you email me the pattern for the hat too please. thank you so much

  64. You should have it shortly. Just give me a shout if you have any problems.

  65. Rose Says:

    My granddaughter picked out what colors she wanted for dress, shoes and hat. They turned out so cute! The pattern was pretty simple to follow, I had to alter straps on dress, yours were too long, but could be the way I crochet. Thank you so much for the pattern and ideas, you made one little girl very happy.

  66. My pleasure! So glad you were able to use it!

  67. Leah Says:

    I absolutely love the shoes! Thanks so much for the clear pattern. I design patterns myself, and was pleased to find how well written the pattern was. Thanks again!

  68. Always my pleasure!

  69. an Girl Sundress Outfit Really cute when paired up with a little white T shirt! …

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