A Dishcloth Challenge-Maggie’s Crochet

Don’t forget to check out Maggie’s Best Free Crochet!  http://www.bestfreecrochet.com/?page_id=1787  She is having a dishcloth challenge!  All details are available at the above link.  Submit your entry and a few extras that will be donated to shelters!  Prizes will be announced soon.

You’ll find a variety of free patterns at Maggie’s Best Free Crochet.

I’ve set a goal for myself of 50 new dishcloth patterns……..and away we go!

Here are some of my entries and some of the patterns will be available free at Maggie’s Best Free Crochet:

I’ll be updating with more dishcloths as I get them finished.  Let me know if you have a favorite!

27 Comments on “A Dishcloth Challenge-Maggie’s Crochet”

  1. rosa Says:

    Oh these are so nice! My favorite is the duck and pinwheel one. I also love those colors.
    Thank you for designing these great cloths.

  2. Thank you so much! This dishcloth challenge has turned out to be so much fun…..and for a good cause too!

  3. Irene Says:

    Would you please put your butterfly 38 at A Dishcloth Challenge-Maggie’s Crochet

    Thank you

  4. I don’t have any control as to when that pattern will be posted, but I have sent you a copy via email.

  5. I really like Mi Sunflower 37
    I hope that is one in the challenge, as I would love to make it! You do really great designs!! 🙂

  6. LOL…..me too! but just in case it doesn’t, I’ve sent it to you.

  7. Sherry Buenrostro Says:

    I like the one with the pocket and starfish!!
    Thank you,

  8. Thank you so much! i can’t believe how much fun this has been. Hope to have more in the fall!

  9. justme2c Says:

    Please send me a butterfly pattern.

  10. MARCEME Says:

    hello i would like a copy of the butterfly and the very last patterns… these two i have not seen in the patterns lol looking forward to pattern 111 today im always up at three am GIRL HAS TO GO OUT TO DO SOMETHING>>> i never can go back to sleep and go to your best crochet to see what is new… i accidently came here and found the ones i dont have how can i get these patterns the one that looks like the sun flower and the butterfly and the VERY LAST PATTERN HUGS ME

  11. Linda Kahle Says:

    Hey.. the last one has really nice colors…what is it?

  12. LOL……it’s a dirty dish monster………sort of like a puppet for when the kids do dishes…………..

  13. Linda Says:

    I came upon your site while checking for Barbie clothing patterns on ravelry.com. I am quite happy to find you and all these wonderful patterns you share for free! I love the flag, Humpty Dumpty, crayon and butterfly dish cloths. I can’t wait to make a few of these fun designs. Thanks again!

  14. Thank you so very much! It’s truly my pleasure!

  15. hey i like the flower, the chick and the butterfly all my favorite things.

  16. Wanda Says:

    HI, I really like the black, red and white wavy one. Really different. Will the pattern be available?

    Thank you!

  17. Gail Says:

    This is my first time to your web site. I love all your crochet patterns. I really love the butterfly dishcloth pattern. Is there any way I can get the pattern?
    Thanks, Gail

  18. Thank you so much…..I have sent you an email with more details.

  19. Kim Hunter Says:

    What great designs you have! I was able to get the kitty, and butterfly from Maggies site, but would love to have the Five Sided white one if at all possible. Love the dirty dish monster also!! I do Nanny Duty and this would be a hit! Thanks so much for being to talented and generous with your art.

  20. Nanny Duty! What fun!

  21. Marilyn Fogarty Says:

    Would love the butterfly pattern if possible

  22. Thank you so much for your interest in this pattern. I sent you an email.

  23. i love the chicken number 13. how can I get the pattern. I was engaged on Friday the 13th. decorating my kitchen in roosters and chicken. love it.

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