Croc™ Socks-Pattern

Don’t you just love your Crocs ™ ??  Now you can keep your toes toasty warm in the fall and winter using these inserts in your summer Crocs™ and clogs!!  Pattern for adult sizes available in PDF format.

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5 Comments on “Croc™ Socks-Pattern”

  1. PK Says:


    Could this pattern be adjusted or interpreted to make a non-crochet liner? In other words, could I use it as a guide to sew pre-made fabric into a custom liner?

    If so, let me know; I’d be happy to buy it since Crocs pretty much refuses to sell replacement liners for the lined Mammoth clog, and I’d also like to make a set one for my non-lined Crocs.


  2. Oh….I also forgot……….if you decide to create your own sewing pattern, you can go to the Croc webpage and they do provide the dimensions for the sole…..but that’s all. Once you get the proper length you can copy the top and sides fron your existing Croc Liners.

  3. Ronette Egger Says:

    How do I get this pattern?

  4. Thank you for your interest. You’ll find this pattern here:

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