AG, Toys and Doll Free Crochet Patterns

Dolls, toys, teddys and more!  Crochet patterns are designed for the beginner to the experienced.  Have fun and enjoy!

9 Comments on “AG, Toys and Doll Free Crochet Patterns”

  1. DeaconsWife Says:

    There is no link or pattern here.

  2. You’ll find all patterns on the right hand side of the page at this link.

  3. DeaconsWife Says:

    So this page must be a category page? Thanks for the info. I found the others with your kind directions.

  4. It is…..I tried to put all patterns in one spot to reduce the searching. The free patterns are und “Happy Hooking” i haope you are able to find something that you can use. Please feel free to contact me any time with any questions or concerns.

  5. Darlene Says:

    Hi, looking for a croquet pattern for a bride & groom outfit, that fits onto a 12 inch -14inch teddy bears. Going to be using them as toss bears instead of flower toss. Can you help please? Thanks in advance.

  6. this pattern has pants….if you are able to adapt patterns, you could change the bodice to a jacket……this would work for a bride if done in white and add some silk flowers and maybe some pearls. You could make a veil using nylon nettin and some silk flowers if you don’t like the hat……..

  7. Carroll West Says:

    I just ordered the pattern for the buckaroo western set. and I didn’t get to get it downloaded. how to I go back and get my download

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